World of Warplanes

I was a Closed Beta Tester for World of Warplanes, but to be honest, did not enjoy the game enough to continue playing for very long.  Then 2.0 was released and wow, did it make a difference.  I now find the game very enjoyable and fun to play.  As a result, I feel compelled to mod it.

Custom Skins

For custom skins, I use various models to start with these include:

  • The skins in WoWP that are not normally shown. Premium, Chrome, or others and replace the normal skins (hangar, base, winter, marine, and woodland)
  • Add decals and text, including names and pinups
  • Take skins from the older versions and rework them into HD for latest version
  • Use the base skins and create my own colors, camo, and decals
  • Some are historical skins based on artwork of the various planes

Some skins will have a separate post and download link.  Others will just have an image in the imgur album for that nation.  All downloads are on Yandex Disk in the planes folder.  If you see a skin you like in the album, go to Yandex and get the download. Also on the post for each nation, I will list skins and download links.


Custom Skins by Nation

ALL Custom Skins Download Links – No Images

WoWP Mods

First of all I want to recognize DrSinister and his mod pack.  I strongly encourage you to download and try it.  I have been using it for some time and a couple of the mods here are based on that.