Tiger 1A Remodel

Tiger IA Remodel

This is a remodel of the Tiger I.  This will be the new model for 0.9.22, but I have made it for working in, with 3 different camos. All in one file.

Desert Camo

Brown Camo

3 Color Camo

WZ-132 Remodel

WZ-132 Remodel

This is a remodel to make the Chinese Tier VIII WZ-132 into the Tier X WZ-132-Prot C

T-54 Remodel into Modified T-55A

T-54 Remodel into Modified T-55A

Remodels the T-54 into a modified T-55A.  Turret from T-55A, hull form another remodel

0.9.21.x.x Update Information

 Latest update 1/12/2018 – 11:30 AM PST  .. Updates and information are listed below…


IMPORTANT: Please note the new “packaging”. KISS AIO is one download.  If you want the Options, they are another download.  This reduces download size for those that just want standard without changes.

NOTICE: If updating from an older version, please DELETE all the old files first, then install new files.  This is especially true in the World of Tanks/mods directory.  You will get an error if there is a duplicate, or when you go into battle, you will not have an interface.

Take a look at Bug Reports-Changes in the top menu.  I have posted information on how to make configuration changes in KISS, as well as a place for comments or bug reports in a central location.

Let me know if you find any other issues.

Latest Updates

1/12/2018 – Updated KISS AIO and KISS XVM to XVM 7.3.3

1/11/2018 – Updated the following to

  • KISS AIO, this only changed the directory version and may only be a change for NA server.  If so for other servers, change the directory back to after install.  Also changed the way it is packaged.  Removed No XVM and Options, now just the KISS Interface with XVM.
  • KISS XVM, same as above
  • KISS Options, added a download for those that used the options

KISS Battle Interface Options

This download contain the options for KISS AIO.  If you want to change from the standard interface to available options, you will need this download.

Options includes are:

These all go into the mods<game version> folder


  • Grandpa’s Version 2 (2 variations)
  • KISS (5 variations)
  • Harpoon

Damage Panels

  • Round (Zayaz) – 3 versions
  • Square – 2 versions


  • All styles of Grandpa’s icons
  • Tech Tree icon options (6 options)
  • Crew Icons numerous options

12/20/2017 – Updated the following:

  • KISS AIO to, XVM 7.3.2, PMOD 1.30.3
  • KISS XVM to, XVM 7.3.2

12/18/2017 – Updated KISS AIO to PMOD 1.30.2

12/17/2017 – Updated following to XVM 7.3.1

  • WoW XVM

12/16/2017 – Updated the following to XVM 7.3.0

  • KISS AIO – added statistics for the vehicle in the hangar.  If you do not want stats, then rename the res_mods/configs/xvm/grandpa/widgets.xc to _widgets.xc and renam the no_widgets.xc to widgets.xc.  This will then show only the clock in the hangar and no stats.
  • KISS XVM – added statistics for the vehicle in the hangar.  If you do not want stats, then rename the res_mods/configs/xvm/grandpa/widgets.xc to _widgets.xc and renam the no_widgets.xc to widgets.xc.  This will then show only the clock in the hangar and no stats.
  • WoW XVM

12/15/2017 – Updated following for

  • KISS AIO – mostly a directory name change, updated to XVM nightly 8516
  • Custom Icons

12/13/2017 – Updated following, latest upload 13:00 PST

  • KISS AIO with PMOD 1.30.1 and XVM 8113 Dev, Custom Icons.  As of 12:00 PST, everything seems to be working, let me know if issues.
  • Custom Icons, was causing some issues.  Corrected the .swf file

12/12/2017 – Updated the following to

  • KISS AIO – using development version of XVM until stable release
  • Custom Icons
  • Contour Icons
  • Crosshairs

Custom Skins and Remodel Updates

 Latest update 1/15/2018 , see finding aids and update information below.


Most of the remodels are not entirely mine, rather they are swaps of modules from other modders to form the specific combination or look.  These come from parts and pieces of remodels by  much more accomplished modders, including: milkym4n, Avalon, foxerfit, Desyatnik_Pansy, TheFalkonett, Historical Remodelling Project, goodman12, professor, Wollolo, deh0mbre, Yamayan, and HiBan.

I compile them to get a working model without an script changes, then do a custom skin repaint to add camo and some detail to the model skin.


For download go to the Grandpa’s Custom Skins page or the Modifications and Crew page

Also check on the  Yandex Disk  and/or my thread on NA forums

Check out Grandpa’s You Tube channel for quick looks at the mods

Also check out Installing Skins or  Creating Custom Skins Tutorial Page 

How to Install wotmod Files

0.9.21.x Updates

Tiger 1A Remodel

WZ-132 Remodel

DEX Project Mods Pack Installer

I am always looking for things that improve the game and test a few that look interesting.

I downloaded and installed the DEX Project Mods Pack Installer for a trial and am pleasantly impressed.

This allowed you to install XVM and configure the all or most of teh options to get the look you want.  Also contains a huge amount of mods you can install and configure. High recommended.

DEX Project Website

Think its in french so use google translater

I am going to stop including the KISS AIO No XVM in the next update.  Not many using it and it is sometimes a pain to update.  This would be a good substitute if you are using the No XVM

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, ENJOY! Wish everyone happiness and peace.

Have some fun in gaming this year and be safe.

News and Upcoming Features

First news is that my ISP attempted to make my site more secure and locked everyone out for a day or so, apologies.

Next item is about World of Warplanes 2.0. I have been playing this edition for a while now and find it very enjoyable.  Much better than the initial release, which in my option sucked.  You will start seeing some WoWP mods appearing here in the near future. Have also added a menu item to help find them.

As for World of Tanks.  I am working on a couple of different projects right now.

  • Reworking the carousel icons to improve the camo and make special tanks and premium tanks in a different color
  • Reworking some of the standard custom skins with new camo.  This will make them more compatible with the new WG custom paint features and not interfere with it.
  • Reworking the stats in the hangar from XVM to make them more meaningful.
  • Then I will resume doing some remodels as I get the opportunity.

M26 Pershing Remodel

M26 Pershing Remodel

M26 Pershing Remodel.  T26E5 Patriot hull remodel. Custom skin by Grandpa

T-71 DA Turret/Gun Swap to T-92 LT

T-71 DA Turret Swap to T-92 LT

T-71 DA (T71E1) with Turret and Gun swap from T92 LT