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M4A3E8 Sherman Remodel (Fury/Firefly)

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M4A3E8 Sherman (Fury/Firefly)

This is a remodel of the M4A3E8 Sherman.  Using

  • Fury hull, modified by Kiloroc to remove the logs
  • Turret 01 from the Sherman Firefly, modified by Falconett
  • Turret 02 from the Sherman Firefly “Tulip”, modified by Falconett
  • Reworked, combined, and repaint by Grandpa

NOTE; I am working from my laptop and as a result can’t view this in HD.  So so repaint may change when I get back to my desktop.

0.9.20 Updates

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Latest update 9/17/2017 .. Updates and information are listed below…


KISS (0.9.20 UPDATES): 

NOTICE: If updating from an older version, please DELETE all the old files first, then install new files.  This is especially true in the World of Tanks/mods directory.  You will get an error if there is a duplicate, or when you go into battle, you will not have an interface.

Let me know if you find any other issues.

9/17/2017 – Updated the following:

  • KISS AIO – custom icons changes in installation and modification method (see below)
  • Custom Icons (Ammo, Crew, Ewuipment), modified the installation and method to modify.  Please review the page for instructions Grandpa’s Custom Icons
  • When upgrading, make sure to delete res_mods/0.9.20/gui/maps/icons/vehicles and tankmen, they are included in the new wotmod format
  • Also check the mods/0.9.20/ directory to insure you only have one safeshot.wotmod file. It should be safeshot_extended.wotmod

9/15/2017 – Updated the following to 0.9.20-micropatch

  • KISS AIO, uopdated Icons (Custom and Contour), SafeShot Extended
  • Custom Icons (Ammo, Crew, Equipment), added camo to Chinese TD
  • Contour Icons, all styles, just in case any new test tanks

9/14/2017 – Finally got to an RV park with minimal wifi, took about 6 hours to upload KISSS AIO, so here are the changes…

  • KISS AIO and KISS XVM updated to XVM  This should fix the issue with the 30×30 Grand Battles
  • Uploaded new KISS AIO and KISS XVM to Yandex Disk, check to make sure it wasn’t 0k again..

9/12/2017 – I got the report of the KISS AIO download from Yandex Disk being corrupt. as soon as I get to decent wifi, I will upload it again.  Tried 3 times today with no luck, wifi here is terrible.  Also, XVM is not working with the 30X30 Grand Battles, as soon as the fix is in I will psot it if possible,

9/8/2017 – Updated KISS AIO and KISS XVM to XVM 6.9.1, added Stun to hitlog header.

9/4/2017 – Posted new video – How to Install KISS AIO

8/31/2017 – Updated KISS AIO and KISS XVM to XVM 6.9.0, added working Gun Constraints (UGN) and Safe Shot

8/30/2017 – My Bad!

  • (Update 1) Changed the folder to correct game version (
  • (Update 2) Updated custom_icons.wotmod file, forgot it changed and included the old one… this corrupted the hangar carousel and the crosshairs… now working
  • (Update 3) Removed safeshot mod, it was interferring with fire button. Updated the crosshair_scripts.wotmod file for crosshairs.
  • Apologies

8/29/2017 – Updated the following:

  • KISS AIO has been updated to 0.9.20, using nightly build of XVM.
  • Custom icons and contour icons
  • Grandpa’s Damage and Hitlog
  • Grandpa’s After Battle Statistics
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