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Custom HD Skins Updates

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Latest update 9/5/2017, see finding aids and update information below.

How to Find Downloads
I am in the process of rearranging downloads for skins and remodels. For remodels I am moving to an individual tank or remodel download, away from the nation/type groups. I will be de;eting the series/groups but moving individual ones to YandexDisk by nation and type.

This is a work in progress and you may not be able to find the download you are looking for easily.  So search around and then leave a comment if you need some help… BUT make an effort first.

Links to Nation Remodel and Custom Skins pages where appropriate (American, British, German), to Yandex Disk where pages are not yet finished. Only those that have tanks in the folder will be highlighted.

Individual Remodels and Custom Skins by Nation.


I realize some of you may not appreciate my camo or color choices. So in the future I will try to include the (pdn) files in the upload.  You will need to go into the wotmod file and copy them out of there, but that is not too difficult. Then you can use to remove camo or change skin colors.

For download go to the Grandpa’s Custom Skins page or the Modifications and Crew page

Also check on the  Yandex Disk  and/or my thread on NA forums

Check out Grandpa’s You Tube channel for quick looks at the mods

Also check out Installing Skins

Added Creating Custom Skins Tutorial Page 

How to Install wotmod Files
0.9.20 Updates

Chinese TD

Chinese TD Custom Skins ...
Read More

Chinese Light Skins

Grandpa's Custom Skins for Chinese Tanks Example screenshots Chinese Light Class ...
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Chinese Medium Skins

Chinese Medium Class ...
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Other Updates

0.9.19 Custom Skin Updates

Custom skins and Remodel additions for 0.9.19 series ...
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RU-251, T-49 with Commander, T-67 with Commander and T-49 Turret

Added to American Remodel Downloads
  • T-49 wtih Commander.  This remodel uses the hull from a Falconett remodel of the M41 Bulldog, Gun remodel and turret from T-49.
  • T-67 Remodel ...
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M-10 Wolverine (2), RU-251, Stug IIIG Remodels Added

Added to American Remodels Dowlaod
  • M-10 Wolverine Remodel, with camo net and other adds on the hull, standard turret and with crew.
Added to German Remodels

Remodels and Custom Skins Downloads

I now have all the Custom Skins and Remodels moved to the Yankex Disk.  The links above work and have individucal downlaods for each tank. For a Remodel they are ...
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Lowe Remodel V2

Lowe Remodel Version 2, desert camo paint. The difference between this and version 1 is the gun with camo net and the attachment to the rear of the turret ...
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Sherman, M103, M48A1

8/16/2017 - Updated/Added the following:
  • Correct paint job on Sherman III with Crew Mod
  • Added M103 Remodel.  This is a remodel by Falconett that I ported over to skip ...
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Jagdtiger 88, Centurion MK1, S-51, AMC 1948

8/14/2017 - Updated/Added the following:
  • JadgTiger 88 Mod - updated the paint job
  • Centurion MK1 Mod - fixed the scatter from the chassis
  • Added to Russian TD/Arty Package - ...
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E-100, Type 59

8/11/2017 - Added following:
  • German Heavy Package - E-100 Turret Remodel
  • Type 59 Package - Type 59 Turret Remodel
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Sherman III, Sherman Firefly, VK100.01, Maus, Mauschen, M4A3E2

8/8/2017 - Added/Updated following:
  • Started adding my stuff to the WGMods website Arasgrandpa on WGMods
  • UK Package - did some clean up work and corrected some bugs and clashes ...
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8/4/2017 - Added IS-7 Remodel to Russian Heavy Mod package ...
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British TD/SPG

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Custom skins for British Tank Destroyer series

Example screenshots:

Custom skins for the British Artillery (SPG) series

Example screenshots:

Custom Skins 0.9.13 HD Updates

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This post will keep you updated on Grandpa’s Custom Skin changes for 0.9.13.  I will try to post images of changes, but they aren’t always available. For download go to the Grandpa’s Custom Skins page.

02/13/2016 – Made some corrections in skins that were not working properly – M103, Marder II, Maus

02/12/2016 – Added the T26E4 Super Peshing and M46 Patton KR with Ripper (Tiger) paint into one download

T26E4 Super Pershing with Tiger Skin

This is the T26E4 Super Pershing and the M46 Patton KR, both with Tiger skin paint job of the KR.


T26E4 Super Pershing


M46 Patton KR

02/09/2016 – Added following:

  • American Artillery – T1-HMC, T18-HMC, T82-HMC, M41-HMC, M7 Priest
  • American Medium – T2 Medium
  • German E-75 in HD (MOD)

m7priest m41

02/07/2016 – Added Czech LT vz 35, additional skin for T-34/100

lt35 t34_100

02/06/2014 – Added the following:

  • UK Heavy – Conqueror
  • Russian Heavy – KV-5
  • German Medium – Panther M10
  • Added numerous 0.9.14 HD skins, see separate post.

pantherm10 kv5

02/04/2016 – Following added or updated:

  • German Light – SP-1C
  • German Medium – Leopard1, VK3002DB

leopard1 sp1c

02/03/2016 – Added FV4202 (P) and Centurion AX to British Medium Series


Centurion AX


FV4202 (P)

02/02/2016 – M46 Patton KR (Tiger skin) added to American Medium


46 Patton KR USA Premium

If you have a M46 Patton and want to use this skin, then install both the KR skin and the M46 skin, then copy from the vehicles/american/A63_M46_Patton_KR directory into the vehicles/american/A63_M46_Patton directory.  Only the first turret will have tiger stripes.

02/01/2016 – Added two custom skins for the Pz58 Mutz. 1) Camo over the default skin 2) Gray, actually  Panzer 58 skins with custom camo over it.  Added to German Medium series


Pz58 Mutz Grandpa’s Camo


Pz58 Mutz Gray Camo

02/01/2016 -Added Dragon Versions of Chinese tanks as separate download

01/31/2016 – Following custom skins added:

  • USA Medium – M2, T54E1
  • USA TD – T-3




01/30/2016 – Following custom skins added:

  • USA Medium – M7, M46 Patton
  • USA TD – T-30
  • Russian TD – SU-152, ISU-152

01/29/2016 – Following custom skins added:

  • UK Light – Cruiser III, Cruiser IV, Covenanter
  • UK Medium – Comet, Matilda, Medium MK III
  • UK Heavy – Churchill VII, Black Prince

01/28/2016 – Added Wespe, Bison 1, updated GW Tiger, GW E-100 custom skins in German SPG

01/26/2016 – Following custom Czech skins added TVP T-50, TVP T-50/51


  • Following skins added
    • Tiger II, German Hvy
    • LTP, Russian Light
    • BT-7Arty, Russian Light
    • PzKw S35 Captured, German Med
    • AMX-12t, French Light
    • TVP VTU, Czech Med
  • Following skins updated
    • T-110E5, USA Hvy
    • T-110E3, USA TD
    • T1-10E4, USA TD

01/22/2016 – The following were updated:

  • T34-100 added to Czech Custom Skins

12/29/2015 – following added or updated:

  • KV 220-2
  • T-54
  • AMX MLE 48
  • AMX 50-100
  • T-34
  • FCM 50t


12/19/2015Toldi III skin added

12/16/2015 Czech skins added

12/01/2015 – 0.9.13 HD skins

USA T-29 Heavy


Russian IS -6 Heavy


German Luchs Light

luchs luchs2

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