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In WG finally made the transition from Action Script 2 to Action Script 3 (AS3).  This “broke” most of the mods out there, or at least the ones that used .swf files.  I DO NOT have the necessary development tools to rework mods into AS3, so some of my mods will die a natural death.

If other modders come out with AS3 mods that work well together, I will work to get a KISS AIO working again, but it will definitely be more limited that the current version. The main mods that died are crosshairs, damage panel, and damage log.  I am not sure about PMOD yet, but it did not use .swf files so it will probably continue.

The following I will continue to update:

  • Grandpa’s Content Mod
  • Grandpa’s Ammo, Equipment, and Crew Icons
  • Grandpa’s Contour Icons – current with as of 7/22/2016
  • Grandpa’s Custom Skins

I should have all possible updates posted prior to release,


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GUI Folder

  There are only a few files in the gui folder directly. Most of the files are found in the […]


Installing Audio Mods

This is a brief description of audio mods and the audio directory within World of Tanks. Most important thing to […]


P-MOD and Making Configuration Changes

P-MOD: P-MOD allows you to configure multiple mods from one install.  the configuration files are at res_mods/x.x.x/scripts/client/gui/mods/mod_pmod/*.json.  They have the following […]


0.9.2 Common Test Report

0.9.2 Common Test 1 was released yesterday.  So far testing all mods, the following is working and/or broken. All-In-Ones: These […]


KISS Version 9.2.1 Changes

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Mods Updated for 0.9.3

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Mods Updated for 0.9.3

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The following downloads have been updated  for 0.9.3:

HD Skins, added the new skins for the new HD models – RU251, LTTB, T-54 Light, Chaffee, M5 Stuart, T49, T41 Bulldog, T37, KV-1s, KV-85, T-34, ISU-152, IS-7, M3 Lee, Jadgpanther, these will not work in 0.9.2

The ones below contain skins for 0.9.2 and 0.9.3

American – added above US skins and T67

German – see above

Russian – see above

Crew and Modified – removed those mods that are going to HD in 0.9.3, they will cause crashes.

Battle Loading background Screens

XVM Background Screens

Contour Icons

Audio Mods – no update required, working fine in 0.9.3 CT

KISS Version 9.2.1 Changes

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These are the coming changes in KISS slated for implementation when 0.9.2 is released.  Due to extensive travel and less actual game playing time, I am reducing the workload involved in keeping multiple mods functional during game versions.  So as mods start to “break” due to game version changes, they may disappear from these pages and be replaced by new ones. I will keep the XVM versions updated and working as much as possible.

XVM Changes

Standardization of the XVM Configuration.  This will allow less confusion and simpler updates.  In reviewing the differences between Standard and Enhanced there were only 2, the Over Target Markers and the Mini Map Labels.  In the new version there are three differences.  In Standard I have reverted to the 6 layers of Win8 ratings.  In Enhanced I have stayed with the 9 layers of ratings.

In the new Standard I am using a mixture of the old OTM and the Enhanced OTM (Extended) Markers








Very Bad








Very Good







Very Bad 315
Bad 760
Below Average 1025
Normal 1325
Good 1600
Very Good 1980
Great 2570
Unique 2900
Super 9999
Over Target Markers (OTM) kiss_otm

Standard OTM


Alive Extended OTM


Dead Extended OTM

About the only difference in the OTM for Standard and Enhanced is that Enhanced Vehicle Name is not in the color of the Win8 rating.  It is the standard in game Green or Red


Mini Map minimap


For now, I will provide two downloads Standard and Enhanced, but at some point in the future, only Standard will be available.  In the Alternative Settings directory, you will find the changes to make Standard into Enhanced, or to do your own mix and match and create an interface you enjoy using.


The major change here will be in Cross Hairs.  As of CT#2 the KISS and Version 2 are not working properly.  They will not allow configuration changes via the in game interface.  So I will attempt to fix them, but in the meantime, I have found working replacements.

For Standard and Mix and Match A, I will be using my configuration of Alternative Minimalist Cross Hairs .  It is configured to provide a look and feel very close to the KISS version. Configuration may be changed in teh res_mods/x.x.x/gui/scaleform/MS.xml file (using Notepad)

For Enhanced and Mix and Match B, I will be using a modified version of Pricel’s  Cross Hairs. Very few configuration options.

I will include a list of files, so you can delete either and use a cross hair mod of your own selection.

0.9.2 Common Test Report

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0.9.2 Common Test 1 was released yesterday.  So far testing all mods, the following is working and/or broken. All-In-Ones: These are working in 0.9.2 CT except for the following.

  • KISS Crosshairs Version 1 and Version 2 are not working 100%.  They work, but do not allow changing of the configuration in the Menu->Settings->Reticle window, even in battle.  My current fix for this is to use my modified version of Alekslee’s UGN crosshair.  It simulates the KISS very well and will give you a crosshair choice while I work on fixing the KISS crosshairs.
  • P-MOD is working when using P-MOD Version 8

Grandpa’s Audio Mods are working AFTER I modified the xml files in the GUI directory.  I will post a patch for 0.9.2 CT later and the full upload when 0.9.2 goes live. Content Mods are all working, since they are static images should not be an issue ever. Battle Loading Background Screens while working I will need to modify some of the new map images.  But for now that is not my top priority. Tank Skins: 4 new HD tanks with the release.  Also, WG seems to have reverted to the old naming policy.  A lot of tank skins formerly named with the _AM have reverted back to without the _AM.  Waiting for the dust to settle before I make any skin package changes. If you are running 0.9.2 Common Test, then here are the steps to get the Battle Interface working:

  1. After downloading and installing any of the AIOs, you will need to change crosshair mods
  2. Delete the res_mods/x.x.x/scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler directory (this takes out the offending file aims.pyc)
  3. Download and install the Grandpa’s Version 3 Crosshair mod

Grandpa’s Crosshairs Version 3

Currently XVM is working with 5.3.3 dev. Iam revising the KISS XVM Configuration and it will change slightly with 0.9.2

P-MOD and Making Configuration Changes

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P-MOD: P-MOD allows you to configure multiple mods from one install.  the configuration files are at res_mods/x.x.x/scripts/client/gui/mods/mod_pmod/*.json.  They have the following possible options and is remarked in English for ease of change.  Open files with Notepad ++. Grandpa’s default settings are shown as [on/off] .  Along with a short description of possible changes.

Here is an Online PMOD Configurator from an RU website, if you want to make your own PMOD Config. P-MOD Configurator

The list of functions and features provided by the modification:

  • PMOD allows you to change the number of steps in the sniper scope and significance of their multiplicity. [4, 8, 16, 32]
  • PMOD disables wiggle sight and / or camera. [on] (disabled)
  • PMOD allows you to disable the blackout in sniper mode. [on] (disabled)
  • PMOD system allows you to add the channel-session statistics. [on]
  • PMOD enables you to display in the sniper scope, the current zoom ratio. [on]
  • PMOD allows you to save the selected server to enter the game window (before the patch 0.8.10). [off]
  • PMOD allows you to display on the screen instead of boot battle tips, information about your spawn. [on] (shows capture and spawn point)
  • PMOD disables flash red when hit your tank. [off] (enabled flash)
  • PMOD allows you to disable the camera shaking when hit your tank. [on] (no camera shaking)
  • PMOD game chat allows you to filter unwanted messages. [on]
  • PMOD allows not include handbrake in Sniper mode. [on] (allows vehicle to continue turning during sniper mode)
  • PMOD allows you to disable the inertia scrolling arcade mode (introduced in 0.8.11). [on]
  • PMOD allows you to clean the system from unnecessary communications channel. [on]
  • PMOD allows you to hide unwanted pop-up messages. [off]
  • PMOD allows you to turn off the camera for a change of zoom using scroll (wheels) mouse. [on] (can not scroll out to sniper with mouse wheel)
  • PMOD allows you to change the display panel starting players (ears). [on] (large)
  • PMOD allows you to change the time during which the marker is displayed Spotted (light). [5.0 sec]
  • PMOD allows you to change the behavior of the horizontal stabilization. [on]
  • PMOD allows you to change the camera at the start of combat and death. [on] (camera placement behind tank at start and after death)
  • PMOD can change the sensitivity of the scroll in the arcade mode. [off]
  • PMOD can change the zoom levels in arcade mode and artillery. [on]  arcade (2, 200), arty  (10, 200)
  • PMOD enables a free camera when viewing replays. [off]
  • PMOD lets you mount / dismount removable equipment in 1 click. [on] (F3)
  • PMOD allows you to set a constant starting value multiplicity sniper scope. [on] (8)

The configuration files are found at  res_mods/x.x.x/scripts/client/gui/mods/mod_pmod/*.json.

Multiple (extended) configuration files are used since 0.9.13 in order to make it easier for the user to make changes in my configurations.  The extended configuration files are named appropriately with the function they control, so finding the place to make changes is easy.  In addition I have made two files for some configurations, based on the FAQ of how to change these options. Examples below.

No Scroll – this turns OFF the ability to scroll into sniper mode using the mouse wheel.  I don’t like to scroll so I turn it off, others use it and want it on.

To change,

  • find the noScroll.json file and rename it noScroll_ON.json
  • rename the noScroll_OFF.json to noScroll.json
  • done

Old Server Crosshair – allows the use of both the arcade and server crosshair simultaneously.  Must turn on “Use Server Crosshair” in game options

To change,

  • find the oldServerCrosshair.json file and rename it oldServerCrosshair_ON.json
  • rename the oldServerCrosshair_OFF.json to oldServerCrosshair.json
  • done

TD Brake Remover – removes the parking brake in sniper mode for TDs.

To change,

  • find the TDBrakeRemover.json file and rename it TDBrakeRemover_ON.json
  • rename the TDBrakeRemover_OFF.json to TDBrakeRemover.json
  • done

Installing Audio Mods

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This is a brief description of audio mods and the audio directory within World of Tanks.

Most important thing to remember is to copy your entire World_of_Tanks/res/audio directory to res_mods/0.x.x/audio prior to modding. Then install all mods into the res-mods/0.x.x/audio folder. Change 0.x.x to the current version of WoT.


Now for what’s in the directory.

For this example we will be discussing directory contents and an audio mod that is a compilation of various mods. In the folder will be a combination of stock in-game sounds and mod sounds. My audio mod can be downloaded from Curse

There are two sets for each file, .fev and .fsb files. One is the queue for events in WoT, the other is the actual sound files. When you install a mod, there should be two files with the appropriate extensions.

  • Ambient files are the sounding sounds, wind, rain, birds, arty explosions, aircraft sounds, etc. In the mod it plays aircraft and other sounds of the battlefield
  • GUI files are the sounds for the gui interface, countdown clicks, the notification sound when someone clicks Attention to and Targeting, etc. The mod changes this to radio traffic between the air observation platform and the ground artillery, so instead of a beeping sound you hear actual wartime radio traffic. When your loader has reloaded a shell, he says “UP” or some form of UP, sometimes “re-up”, sometimes “batter-up”.
  • Hits files are the sounds of your projectile hitting an object, either another tank or some object in the environment. The modified sounds are more realistic.
  • Horns files to best of my knowledge are no longer used.
  • Ingame_voice files are the notifications from your crew. The mod uses the voices and commands adopted by US M1A2 crews. When you hit a tank, but do not destroy it, the crew says “re-engage” when you destroy it the crew says “cease fire”. I found this to be easier to track within game, not as much chatter from crew and once you recognize the commands, they become very familiar. Another good voice mod is the Duke Nukem mod. It is very adult oriented, but adds plenty of flavor and humor to the game.
  • Music files are just that in game music. There are many mods out there to change the music, but I kind of like the in-game stuff.
  • Objects files are sounds of objects being destroyed or banked into.
  • Vehicle files are engine and other sounds associated with the vehicles. The sounds in the mod are from FHV3.6 and are based on a Tiger tank. I find them just a little deeper with a background transmission noise. Lower level tanks have that rattling sound. In all they are better than the stock stuff in my opinion.
  • Weapons files are the sounds of weapons being fired. The modified files are more realistic.

There are various other mods out there, in fact the FHV3.6 mod has GUI, hits, weapons, and vehicles included. Duke Nukem is a good “adult” voice mod, and I found numerous music mods, check out the NA forums under Modifications for more.

This article was to just give an overview of the AUDIO Folder and how to mod. It is not meant to be in-depth or inclusive. Hope it helps..

My Audio Compilation
  • GUI Sounds: From Modern Warfare Sounds Mod. It has the “Up”, “Re-Up”, and “Batter Up” sounds for reloaded. Now includes siren for base capture.
  • In-game voice:
    I have tried many voice and audio mods in the past, but most of them were prior to 8.0 and did not contain voices for all the new events.  This mod uses some of the voices from many of my favorite games and includes sounds for all events.  WG has several events not yet activated in game, I have included sounds for those also, so when activated, the mod will be ready.
    Voices Include:
    * Russian (Heavy) from TF2
    * Duke Nukem
    * Left4Dead2
    * Redneck
    * Gears of War
    * Company of Heroes, Tiger Ace
    * Female voices from Eve and other sources
    I have removed much of the strong vulgarity, but there is some “minor” vulgarity left in.  You may hear “dammit”, “bitch”, “ass”, etc, but all the “F” words have been removed.
    Thought I would help identify sounds you will here so you can connect them to events.  The most important (at least in my opinion) is what happens when you shoot a tank.  There are various options that can occur and activate a sound event..
    * Hit but NO penetration: for this you will hear a short disgruntled sound… No, Ugh, Dammit, or similar sound.  You will know its not a good hit.
    * Hit that bounces: You will hear a longer phrase: Bouncing like basketballs, that one bounced, no way Jose, no sirree Bob, shoot the tank; but more expalanatory so you know its a bounce
    * Hit that Penetrates: short phrase.. good shot, sweet, nice shot, boom, etc
    * Hit that does critical damage: longer phrase and a sarcastic remark… want some more of this, i promise you pain and more pain, too easy, etc..
    There are almost 500 sound events in the mod..
  • Music: Adapted from Noble Platoon music mod for battle ground sounds. Game has 1940s music in hangar and at start of game. During game music is replaced with battle sounds; machine guns, random rifle fire, artillery sounds, aircraft flying over and strafing.
  • Hits: Adapted from Modern War Sounds
  • Weapons: Stock in-game
  • Ambient, Horns, Objects, etc.: Stock in-game

Download here.

Some sound file links…

Team Fortress Sounds

Duke Nukem Sound Mod

Nobleplatoon’s Vehicle Sounds

GUI Folder

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There are only a few files in the gui folder directly. Most of the files are found in the two sub-folders, flash and maps. This article describes the res_mods/0.x.x/gui/flash directory and some of the files that it includes.

But first, let’s take a look at what is in the gui folder.

  • avatar_input_handler.xml – defines the zoom levels on the map. Used for the Zoom Map mode (NOT INCLUDED in KISS XVM MOD)
  • messenger.xml – defines the after battle messages you see in the garage. This one shows them in different colors depending on outcome.

Here is an example of the directory listing.


  • battle.swf – is the main program to display the other files during a battle. It defines location of other components. (Part of XVM client)
  • BattleArtefactButtons.swf – displays the artifacts or equipment components
  • Battleloading.swf – displays the teams while loading the battle information. (Part of XVM client)
  • BattleMessenger.swf – chat screen
  • BattleShellCooldownButton.swf – shows reloading of shell, includes larger text in all shell areas and custom shell icons.
  • ComponenetsLib.swf – turns off mirror icon in garage
  • crosshair_panel_arcade.swf – normal sight
  • crosshair_panel_sniper.swf – zoom to sniper mode
  • crosshair_sniper.swf – crosshair for both sniper and arcade mode
  • crosshair_panel_strategic.swf – Artillery
  • crosshair_strategic.swf – Artillery
  • crosshair_panel_postmortem.swf – After our killed
  • DamageIndicator.swf – indicates where you are taking damage on the tank, the mod show damage as red, hits that bounce as yellow.
  • DamagePanel.swf – from Zayaz’s Battle Screen mod. Shows tank indicator and then moves the HP indicator down under the ammo and artifact bar. Makes it easier for me to see.
  • DebugPanel.swf – Octogon’s mod, adds the clock
  • FragCorrelation.swf – provides artilery traverse indicator (Octogon’s Mod)
  • logos.swf – provides clock in garage
  • PlayersPanel.swf – Shows player name, tank, and vehicle icon. (Part of XVM client)
  • ScopeShadow.swf – can remove the shadow, or display it in various levels of opaqueness
  • StatisticsForm.swf – shows statistics after battle (Part of XVM client)
  • TeamBasesPanel.swf – shows the Capture Bar (Part of XVM client)
  • TeamMemberRender.swf – (Prt of XVM client)
  • TeamRenderer.swf – (Part of XVM client)
  • UserInfo.swf – (Part of XVM client)
  • VehicleMarkdersManager.swf – displays the custom Over Tank Markers (Part of XVM client)


Files for Specific Mods

  • DPData.xml – used by Zayaz Battle Screen to define the DamagePanel text
  • XVM.xvmconf – used to configure the XVM client

Battle Screen


I hope this helps to explain some of the mod files within the gui directory. Next will be the Maps directory..

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