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0.9.19 Updates

I made some configuration changes in 0.9.19.  This includes bringing back PMOD to use for some things I was doing in XVM.  That resulted in a small XVM change.  The interface will look only slightly different. The changes help me … Continue reading

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Custom HD Skins Updates

Changes to the Custom Skin packages.

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KISS All-In-One and XVM Updates

The current version is for: Game Version: XVM Version: Now ONE download.  The download contains all files for a complete Battle Interface KISS All-In-One, now contains:  KISS Common KISS XVM KISS No XVM KISS XVM, separate download of XVM KISS … Continue reading

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Website Issues

Updated to a new version of WordPress today and the site went a little crazy.  So instead of just fixing it, I decided to give it a new look.  A little cleaner and more screen room.  Plus this template is … Continue reading

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New Forums

Check out the new forum feature.  I put it here to help in bug reporting, answering questions, taking requests, etc.  Give it a try and use it to report bugs or start a discussion about mods or skins..

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0.9.18 Updates

5/12/2017 – Bugfix for the bollowing: KISS AIO, KISS XVM, WoW XVM, removed the old wotmod file Following remodels corrected; VK3601H as Tiger 131, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo Brute, Ram II 5/7/2017 – Updated KISS AIO, XVM, WoW XVM to XVM … Continue reading

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0.9.17 UPDATES

4/25/2017 – Added KISS AIO for for EU folks until update 3/29/2017 – Updated Sniper mod to include 8 different sniper scopes 3/23/017 – Updated following KISS AIO – updated to XVM 6.5.7 KISS XVM – updated to 6.5.7 … Continue reading

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0.9.18 Common Test Report

The good news is that the KISS AIO XVM version is working great in CT.  So far the only thing I have lost is the round damage panel.  I do have a couple of new damage panels working to replace … Continue reading

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A YouTube video made by a KISS mod user.

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Thanks to Belakian for the gift of the KV-122, much appreciated.

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