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KISS All-In-One and XVM Updates

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The current version is for:

  • Game Version:
  • XVM Version: 7.4.1

Now ONE download.  The download contains all files for a complete Battle Interface

  • KISS All-In-One (AIO), now contains all mods for a complete interface with XVM 


  • KISS AIO Options, separate download of Options for the KISS Interface, just in case you wanted to make yours a little different

Just Grandpa’s XVM

  • KISS XVM, separate download of XVM KISS Configuration ONLY. This configuration is different than the one in AIO.  It is to be used without AIO and uses XVM to do zoom, sniper zoom, and some additional features.  


  • Download the archive (.zip)
  • Open the .zip file
  • Inside you will find two directories (mods and res_mods).
    • First copy/move mods and res_mods folders from the .zip file to the World of Tanks main directory
  • For XVM version, go to MODXVM.com, login and “Activate Net Services” if you DO NOT want the statistics to show, just the other parts of the interface, skip this step.

This is only the latest updates.  For detailed information on KISS AIO and KISS XVM, along with installation and modification information, Please consult the KISS AIO page.

If you are using KISS AIO I would also suggest that you look at a few other mods that work with KISS and make it a complete interface.


4/15/2017 – Updated the HitLog Heading to match latest XVM updates, other minor updates to match XVM changes

2/24/2017 – Updated the following:

Added new Battle Loading Screens to Common

Background Screens

Battle Loading Background Screens, show the maps and the various battle types while battle is loading

To INSTALL: Copy file bg_screens.wotmod to World of Tanks/mods/x.x.x where x.x.x is current game version

Configure Tips in the Battle Loading Screen as below (minimap)


Battle Loading Screen with Strategy Map as a tip


Minimap with Artillery and TD recommended locations

Added new statistics configurations

2/21/2017 – Updated and/or changed follwoing:

  • Got the Zayaz Damage Panel working with repair timers so it is now the default for KISS AIO, square panel in Options
  • Some minor configuration changes to XVM, if you want to use the WG Damage Log, there is an option in Options to turn it off
  • Restored strategic crosshairs

12/27/2016 – Updated the following:

  • After Battle Statistics – updated to new format, old format can be found in the Options folder.

  • KISS Crosshairs restored to similar to old model.  Two versions, Version 1 in KISS AIO, Vrsion 2 in KISS No XVM
KISS Crosshairs


Copy/move the gui  directory from your choice of versions in the archive (zip) file to res_mods/x.x.x directory, where x.x.x is the current game version

Two Versions:

Version 1

Version 2

12/24/2016 – Added/updated the following:

  • KISS AIO – XVM update.  I made some configuration changes to XVM, most visible is the DamageLog (screenshots below).  I also included a screen shot of using it with the Zayaz damage panel.  This is included as an option under Option/Zayaz_dp

12/22/2016 – Added the following:


0.9.16 Updates and Changes

Now two separate downloads.  Each download contains all files for a complete Battle Interface

11/07/2016 – XVM Updated to v6.4.8

  • Formatting changes to Damage Log and Last Hit
  • Added carousel sort order (nations) in kiss-hangar.xc


11/02/2016 – Following updated:

  • KISS XVM Changes when pressing ALT
    • Minimap shows nickname
    • Players Panel shows HP in ears
    • Damage Log shows blocked shot
  • KISS XVM changes
    • Minor clock formatting
    • Spotted markers in Player’s Panel
    • Lst Hit Formatting, see below


  • Download the archive (.zip)
  • Open the .zip file
  • Inside you will find three directories (common, no_xvm, xvm).
    1. First copy/move mods and res_mods folders from the common folder in the .zip file to the World of Tanks main directory
    2. Next select the option you wish to install XVM or No XVM, open that folder and copy/move mods and res_mods folders from the applicable folder in the .zip file to the World of Tanks main directory
  • For XVM version, go to MODXVM.com, login and “Activate Net Services”
  • Set your in game settings for Feedback to the following:


KISS AIO uses Option 1 of the Damage Log as the default. So WG in game settings need to be:



You can switch to the other options using the files in Option/damage_log located inside the archive (zip) file

The other options are:

Option 2 – Partial WG – this is good when using a mix of XVM and WG settings



Option 3 – No WG – reverts to XVM Hitlog and Grandpa’s Damage Log



KISS XVM, now with standard and Really Simple configuration.  See below for options after 0.9.16

  1. When using KISS AIO and KISS XVM you need to make some changes to the Damage Log. KISS AIO comes with Damage Log, Option 1 as the default.  After installing KISS XVM, got to Options/damge_log in the KISS AIO archive (.zip) and copy/move the files from Option2/res_mods/configs/DamageLog to res_mods/configs/DamageLog of the game.
  2. Another option is to leave Option 1 default files in place and then go into res_mods/configs/xvm/grandpa/battleLabelsTemplates.xc and change “enabled”: true, to false under hitlog. Updates
0.9.15 Updates Updates
0.9.14 Updates
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