Mods Updated for 0.9.3


The following downloads have been updated  for 0.9.3:

HD Skins, added the new skins for the new HD models – RU251, LTTB, T-54 Light, Chaffee, M5 Stuart, T49, T41 Bulldog, T37, KV-1s, KV-85, T-34, ISU-152, IS-7, M3 Lee, Jadgpanther, these will not work in 0.9.2

The ones below contain skins for 0.9.2 and 0.9.3

American – added above US skins and T67

German – see above

Russian – see above

Crew and Modified – removed those mods that are going to HD in 0.9.3, they will cause crashes.

Battle Loading background Screens

XVM Background Screens

Contour Icons

Audio Mods – no update required, working fine in 0.9.3 CT

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