Remodels and Custom Skins Downloads


I now have all the Custom Skins and Remodels moved to the Yankex Disk.  The links above work and have individucal downlaods for each tank.

For a Remodel they are under the nation, with nation name only, i.e., german.  For Custom Skins (no remodel) they are by nation underline skins and tyepe. For example american_skins/td_spg.

I have also added some additional skins for various models.

  • American – T-37, T71, T-29, T26E4 SP, M48A1 (HD), T69 (HD), Chaffee
  • German – Tiger 1, JP II, JPIV. Dickermax, Tiger II, Maus, E-100, Hetzer, PzIV-S, Panther M10, Jagdpanzer 88
  • French – ARL44, ELC, AMX 13-90

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