Modifications and Crew Members


These downloads include vehicle modifications with skins.  I attempt to test every mod in game before posting, but this is not always possible as I do not have ALL tanks (only about 100).  But if you are having trouble loading into game, its probably a mod issue.  Post in comments which modified vehicle you were using and I will troubleshoot or delete it from the download.

Most of the remodels are not mine, but swaps of modules from another model or remodel to form the specific combination or look.  These come from Supertest models, if I can get them and others are parts and pieces of remodels by other much more accomplished modders, including: milkym4n, Avalon, foxerfit, Desyatnik_Pansy, TheFalkonett, Historical Remodelling Project, goodman12, professor, Wollolo, deh0mbre, Yamayan, and HiBan 

Here are some things to remember:

  • Some of the models, especially the crew models are parts and pieces from some older SD mods, some go as far back as 7.4.  In that case, I have made a “hybrid”, a mixture of SD and HD components.  usuall the HD chassis, gun, and sometimes turret and SD hull with crew. I try to enhance the SD graphics as best I can, but its not HD quality.
  • Camo usually will not work.  This is because, I haven’t converted the AO files yet. So I have a download of a mod that turns off camo.  It still works in game to add to your camo value, but does not appear.
  • In most cases these will be wotmod files.  There is a video to show how to install these.
  • If you have a res_mods/x.x.x/vehicles directory with a mod or custom skin for the tank you are installing, delete it.  The skins in the res_mods file will over ride the ones in the wotmod file.
  • In many I have left the (pdn) files for the skins. So if your into skinning, the pdn files are in the wotmod file, which is easy to open and revert to the res_mods format.
  • I have posted images to imgur and downloads in a folder on the Yandex Disk.  Most of these do not require any scripts changes.  I have tested each in garage and battle to make sure.  BUT since I run a lot of mods and remodels, it may work for me and not you, just let me know and I will fix it.
  • To choose a remodel, first take a look at my You Tube Channel or the image album.  Look it over and locate the modification you want.  Then go to the Yandex download directory or my website to get that file.

I am also changing how to view possible remodels and the downloads.  I will link to an imgur album by nation/type for viewing and downloads will be on YandexDisk.  This change allows me to update easier while travelling.

American Tank Mods

USA Tank Mods

British Tank Mods

UK Tank Mods

China Tank Mods

Chinese Tank Mods

French Tank Mods

French Tank Mods

German Tank Mods

German Tank Mods

Japan Tank Mods

Japan Tank Mods

Russian Tank Mods

Russian Tank Mods

Other Tank Mods

Other Tank Mods

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none of the download links are working

Alain Daout

Hi and thanks for all.
To download the crew only for german TD i got this answer :

Error! This download item (2047) does not have any download link. Edit this item and specify a downloadable file URL for it.

Richy Nguyen

D:\Games\WOT\res_mods\0.9.12\vehicles\american\A41_M18_Hellcat. I think I strictly followed your instruction. But, maybe, I playing WoT Asia and it not support for this skin. 🙁

Richy Nguyen

Dear Arasgrandpa,
I really really love your skins with crew on top. Love it so much. But when I download it (Modifications and crew additions to USA vehicles (425MB)) and copy to folder res_mods, it not work. And I recognized that this posted from 2014. May I have any hope to use it for 0.9.12(SD) or at least I can use it for my Hellcat with crew on top?

I really also delete other MODs, but still not work.

Thank you so much.

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