KISS Standard 9.8.2 Changes


Since the Zayaz (Round) Damage Panel is no longer working, I had switched to the Grandpa’s HUD for a time.  I have now tested and converted to English a greatly modified version of the GambitER panel that is working for 0.9.8 and am switching to it for KISS Standard. The main reason is that many probably do not care for the HUD panel.  But for those that do, I am including downloads of the HUD and the Transparent Panel used in Enhanced for you to install if you wish. You can also download all three versions from this site, just see Downloads

GambitER (Square) Damage Panel



You MUST install the DamageLog.otf found in the res_mods folder

If you are updating from version 9.8.0 or 9.8.1, delete the following files:

gui/scaleform/DamagePanel.swf and CDPSetting.xml

Installing the other Damage Panels:

Delete the following:

res_mods/configs/DamageLog – ALL – optional, program will not use these so choice is yours

Then choose the damage panel you desire (HUD or Transparent) and unzip the contents into res_mods/0.9.8 directory

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