Jagdtiger 88, Centurion MK1, S-51, AMC 1948


8/14/2017 – Updated/Added the following:

  • JadgTiger 88 Mod – updated the paint job
  • Centurion MK1 Mod – fixed the scatter from the chassis
  • Added to Russian TD/Arty Package – S-51 HD with crew, remodel of hull by Milkym4n, ported to HD with crew
  • Added Panther /M10 Mod Falconett remodel of hull for Panther 88, ported to Panther M10 and repaint by Grandpa
  • Added to French Mod Package – AMC AC 1948, remodel of Fock 155 by Folconett, ported over to AMC AC 1948, repaint by Grandpa

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