Installing Audio Mods


This is a brief description of audio mods and the audio directory within World of Tanks.

Most important thing to remember is to copy your entire World_of_Tanks/res/audio directory to res_mods/0.x.x/audio prior to modding. Then install all mods into the res-mods/0.x.x/audio folder. Change 0.x.x to the current version of WoT.


Now for what’s in the directory.

For this example we will be discussing directory contents and an audio mod that is a compilation of various mods. In the folder will be a combination of stock in-game sounds and mod sounds. My audio mod can be downloaded from Curse

There are two sets for each file, .fev and .fsb files. One is the queue for events in WoT, the other is the actual sound files. When you install a mod, there should be two files with the appropriate extensions.

  • Ambient files are the sounding sounds, wind, rain, birds, arty explosions, aircraft sounds, etc. In the mod it plays aircraft and other sounds of the battlefield
  • GUI files are the sounds for the gui interface, countdown clicks, the notification sound when someone clicks Attention to and Targeting, etc. The mod changes this to radio traffic between the air observation platform and the ground artillery, so instead of a beeping sound you hear actual wartime radio traffic. When your loader has reloaded a shell, he says “UP” or some form of UP, sometimes “re-up”, sometimes “batter-up”.
  • Hits files are the sounds of your projectile hitting an object, either another tank or some object in the environment. The modified sounds are more realistic.
  • Horns files to best of my knowledge are no longer used.
  • Ingame_voice files are the notifications from your crew. The mod uses the voices and commands adopted by US M1A2 crews. When you hit a tank, but do not destroy it, the crew says “re-engage” when you destroy it the crew says “cease fire”. I found this to be easier to track within game, not as much chatter from crew and once you recognize the commands, they become very familiar. Another good voice mod is the Duke Nukem mod. It is very adult oriented, but adds plenty of flavor and humor to the game.
  • Music files are just that in game music. There are many mods out there to change the music, but I kind of like the in-game stuff.
  • Objects files are sounds of objects being destroyed or banked into.
  • Vehicle files are engine and other sounds associated with the vehicles. The sounds in the mod are from FHV3.6 and are based on a Tiger tank. I find them just a little deeper with a background transmission noise. Lower level tanks have that rattling sound. In all they are better than the stock stuff in my opinion.
  • Weapons files are the sounds of weapons being fired. The modified files are more realistic.

There are various other mods out there, in fact the FHV3.6 mod has GUI, hits, weapons, and vehicles included. Duke Nukem is a good “adult” voice mod, and I found numerous music mods, check out the NA forums under Modifications for more.

This article was to just give an overview of the AUDIO Folder and how to mod. It is not meant to be in-depth or inclusive. Hope it helps..

My Audio Compilation
  • GUI Sounds: From Modern Warfare Sounds Mod. It has the “Up”, “Re-Up”, and “Batter Up” sounds for reloaded. Now includes siren for base capture.
  • In-game voice:
    I have tried many voice and audio mods in the past, but most of them were prior to 8.0 and did not contain voices for all the new events.  This mod uses some of the voices from many of my favorite games and includes sounds for all events.  WG has several events not yet activated in game, I have included sounds for those also, so when activated, the mod will be ready.
    Voices Include:
    * Russian (Heavy) from TF2
    * Duke Nukem
    * Left4Dead2
    * Redneck
    * Gears of War
    * Company of Heroes, Tiger Ace
    * Female voices from Eve and other sources
    I have removed much of the strong vulgarity, but there is some “minor” vulgarity left in.  You may hear “dammit”, “bitch”, “ass”, etc, but all the “F” words have been removed.
    Thought I would help identify sounds you will here so you can connect them to events.  The most important (at least in my opinion) is what happens when you shoot a tank.  There are various options that can occur and activate a sound event..
    * Hit but NO penetration: for this you will hear a short disgruntled sound… No, Ugh, Dammit, or similar sound.  You will know its not a good hit.
    * Hit that bounces: You will hear a longer phrase: Bouncing like basketballs, that one bounced, no way Jose, no sirree Bob, shoot the tank; but more expalanatory so you know its a bounce
    * Hit that Penetrates: short phrase.. good shot, sweet, nice shot, boom, etc
    * Hit that does critical damage: longer phrase and a sarcastic remark… want some more of this, i promise you pain and more pain, too easy, etc..
    There are almost 500 sound events in the mod..
  • Music: Adapted from Noble Platoon music mod for battle ground sounds. Game has 1940s music in hangar and at start of game. During game music is replaced with battle sounds; machine guns, random rifle fire, artillery sounds, aircraft flying over and strafing.
  • Hits: Adapted from Modern War Sounds
  • Weapons: Stock in-game
  • Ambient, Horns, Objects, etc.: Stock in-game

Download here.

Some sound file links…

Team Fortress Sounds

Duke Nukem Sound Mod

Nobleplatoon’s Vehicle Sounds

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