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There are only a few files in the gui folder directly. Most of the files are found in the two sub-folders, flash and maps. This article describes the res_mods/0.x.x/gui/flash directory and some of the files that it includes.

But first, let’s take a look at what is in the gui folder.

  • avatar_input_handler.xml – defines the zoom levels on the map. Used for the Zoom Map mode (NOT INCLUDED in KISS XVM MOD)
  • messenger.xml – defines the after battle messages you see in the garage. This one shows them in different colors depending on outcome.

Here is an example of the directory listing.


  • battle.swf – is the main program to display the other files during a battle. It defines location of other components. (Part of XVM client)
  • BattleArtefactButtons.swf – displays the artifacts or equipment components
  • Battleloading.swf – displays the teams while loading the battle information. (Part of XVM client)
  • BattleMessenger.swf – chat screen
  • BattleShellCooldownButton.swf – shows reloading of shell, includes larger text in all shell areas and custom shell icons.
  • ComponenetsLib.swf – turns off mirror icon in garage
  • crosshair_panel_arcade.swf – normal sight
  • crosshair_panel_sniper.swf – zoom to sniper mode
  • crosshair_sniper.swf – crosshair for both sniper and arcade mode
  • crosshair_panel_strategic.swf – Artillery
  • crosshair_strategic.swf – Artillery
  • crosshair_panel_postmortem.swf – After our killed
  • DamageIndicator.swf – indicates where you are taking damage on the tank, the mod show damage as red, hits that bounce as yellow.
  • DamagePanel.swf – from Zayaz’s Battle Screen mod. Shows tank indicator and then moves the HP indicator down under the ammo and artifact bar. Makes it easier for me to see.
  • DebugPanel.swf – Octogon’s mod, adds the clock
  • FragCorrelation.swf – provides artilery traverse indicator (Octogon’s Mod)
  • logos.swf – provides clock in garage
  • PlayersPanel.swf – Shows player name, tank, and vehicle icon. (Part of XVM client)
  • ScopeShadow.swf – can remove the shadow, or display it in various levels of opaqueness
  • StatisticsForm.swf – shows statistics after battle (Part of XVM client)
  • TeamBasesPanel.swf – shows the Capture Bar (Part of XVM client)
  • TeamMemberRender.swf – (Prt of XVM client)
  • TeamRenderer.swf – (Part of XVM client)
  • UserInfo.swf – (Part of XVM client)
  • VehicleMarkdersManager.swf – displays the custom Over Tank Markers (Part of XVM client)


Files for Specific Mods

  • DPData.xml – used by Zayaz Battle Screen to define the DamagePanel text
  • XVM.xvmconf – used to configure the XVM client

Battle Screen


I hope this helps to explain some of the mod files within the gui directory. Next will be the Maps directory..

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