Grandpa’s Warplanes All-In-One (AIO)

Warplanes All-In-One

This is Grandpa’s Warplanes AIO mod for World of Warplanes

WoWP All-In-One (AIO) Contents

Grandpa’s Crosshairs, Bomber, and Turret sights Revised sights for arcade, sniper, turret, and bomber Ara’s Grandpa res_mods/version/gui/flash/icons/hud/crosshairs /bomber contains bomber .dds images
/simple contains basic crosshair .dds images
/sniper contains images that are for the “clean” sniper view
/turret contains .dds images for the turet sight
Grandpa’s Bullets and Tracer Mod Enhances tracer and bullet dispaly Ara’s Grandpa res_mods/version/maps/fx
Grandpa’s Altitude Indicator Enhanced visible for the attitude and altitude indicators Ara’s Grandpa res_mods/version/gui/flash hudAttitudeIndicator.swf
Grandpa’s Modules Mod Enhanced visibility for the ammo, equipment, and module display in the hangar and in battle Ara’s Grandpa res_mods/version/gui/flash/icons/modules all directories and files within this folder
Grandpa’s Crew Mod Provides crew members with medals Ara’s Grandpa res_mods/version/gui/flash/icons/pilots
All files and folders within these folders
Grandpa’s HUD Mod Enhanced display of HUD items Ara’s Grandpa res_mods/version/gui/flash/icons/hud All files and folders within this folder EXCEPT crosshairs
Grandpa’s Minnion After Battle Report Provides minnion cartoon for after battle reports Ara’s Grandpa res_mods/version/gui/flash/icons/battleResults All files within this folder
Improved Font Mod Changes font to larger, clearer font RU Modder res_mods/version/gui/flash gfxfontlib.swf
Replay Mod Records battles for replay diannao (SEA) res_mods/version/scripts/client/ BattleReplay.pyc
No clouds Mod Removes clouds in hangar and battle Hawkeye res_mods/version/system/maps/clouds All files and folders within this folder
AI Bots Mod Shows bots by displaying an * before the name Krautjeager res_mods/version/localization All files and folders within this folder
Hangar Mod Provides ability to choose different hangars sanya_ferrari res_mods/version/scripts/db/

All files and folders within this folder

Carousel Highlight Highlights selected plane in the carousel with yellow outline Hakabase res_mods/version/gui/flash carouselComponent.swf
Anti-Glare Eliminates glare from sun and reflections Unknown res_mods/version/system/data/ lens_flares.xml

TO INSTALL: Copy all the directory files (gui, localizaion, maps. scripts, system) from the archive (zip) into the res_mods/current game version/ directory.
TO MODIFY: Delete the directory/files for the mod you do not want.


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