Grandpa’s KISS Battle Interface (AIO)


I believe in the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach, therefore I like to keep my Battle Interface relatively simple and uncluttered.  To some, my approach seems even more cluttered, with hit logs for who hit me, and hit logs for who I hit, but in the area surrounding my tank, I keep the clutter down. So this is the Battle Interface I use.


Click Here to Watch the Video


Click Here to Watch the Video

Now one download, contains all files for a complete Battle Interface

  1. KISS All-In-One, with XVM  and No XVM  
    • KISS No XVM Option
    • KISS XVM Option
  2. KISS XVM ONLY, separate download of XVM KISS Configuration
    This for use with configurations NOT KISS AIO.  It uses XVM accomplish many functions, rather than PMOD or others.


  1. Download the archive (.zip)
  2. Open the .zip file
  3. Inside you will find the common directory, click on it to open. The easy way is just to copy/move the mods and res_mods directories from the .zip file to the World of Tanks main directory and say Yes to Copy and Replace all older files. DO NOT MOVE the common directory only the two directories inside.
  4. For XVM version, go to the xvm directory, click to open and copy/move the mods and res_mods directories to the World of Tanks game directory. DO NOT MOVE the xvm directory only the two directories inside. Then go to, login and “Activate Net Services”
  5. For No XVM version, go to the no_xvm directory, click to open and copy/move the mods and res_mods directories to the World of Tanks game directory. DO NOT MOVE the no_xvm directory only the two directories inside.
  6. You must choose between xvm or no_xvm, they are not compatibe and will clash with each other.
Video - How to Install KISS AIO

KISS XVM Changes when pressing ALT

  • Minimap shows nickname
  • Players Panel shows HP in ears
  • Damage Log shows blocked shot
  • Last Hit Formatting, see below

dl648 dl_alt


KISS All-In-One

 Helpful Links


I make, modify, compile, these mods for my own personal in game use. They change the game interface to look like I want it to look. I place them here for others to download and use if they so desire.

They are NOT “one size fits all” and will not please everyone. If you like them use them, if not, delete them.

You are free to customize or modify any of them, its your interface make it like you want. But DO NOT ask me to customize them specifically for you, or ask for details on how to customize them. If you are familiar with mods and xml, you can probably figure it out. I will attempt to correct bug fixes in the mods, as soon as practical.

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Don Grogan

cannot get the sniper zoom to work. Checked PMOD and it is “on”. Also the after battle stats does not show. I have dumped and reloaded 4 times thinking I’ve done something wrong. Pls help.

Michael P

The P-MOD doesnt have the commands like it does in the previous versions. Sorry for posting on here and curse website, dont mean to be an annoyance

Michael P

FOUND IT!, its NOT in the pmod folder though, it was in MODS folder…SMH. Sorry!

david campbell

I’m new to your mods and like them, but after last week’s install of KISS Mix&Match B + XVM, I’ve had games terminate early and slow PING times. Also, I couldn’t install the 9.2 update until I removed the mods. Should I anticipate a need to re-intall your mods with each update? It appears from this string that I need to re-download the mod files today for 9.2… Thanks VERY much for doing this. Blowed_Up_Sir


If 9.2 is supposed to include your circular damage panel, it is not working.

Michael P

How do I smooth scroll in and out of zoom without using shift to alternate?

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