Grandpa’s Custom Skins

I have developed numerous ‘skins’ for the World of Tanks.  Due to the size of the download, I have separated some of them into smaller groups for easier download.  So finding what you want make be a little more difficult, but this page is a starting point and link to other resources.

Custom skins and remodels come in two different flavors.  Standard and Remodels.  Standard uses the WarGaming model and is merely a re-paint of the skins.  Remodel uses a customized model with n skin revision.


A ‘skin’ is nothing more than a repaint of a vehicle in World of Tanks.  It is a ‘client’ skin, static, modification and therefore can only be seen in game by you, or other players using the same skin.  All tanks of that identification will have the same skin in game, so all E-100 will look the same for example.

Standard skins are listed below.


A ‘model modification’ remodels the structure of the tank, as well as applying a custom skin.  This is how you get crew members in a vehicle.  These require over-riding the default in game models and may not always work from update to update.  If you install a remodel and are having issue loading into game, delete it.  The last update may have impacted the mod.

Remodels are listed on the Modifications and Crew Page


Always check the Custom HD Skin Upates page for the latest updates and screenshots.

Installing and Changing Grandpa’s Custom Skins info is here…

All my skins are made to use in-game decals and in-game camo, to block in-game camo see details below. Each download usually contains multiple skins. To change between them you must rename the selected skin to the default skin name, see details below. Folder usually contains various camo options. See included PDF for detailed installation and change instructions.


These downloads include ALL the vehicles in a NATION and/or CLASS. Installing a package will over ride any custom skins you may have installed.  Before installing read Grandpa’s Custom Skin Installation Guide and if you already have custom skins you want to keep, install only those skins you want to add. Each package may have multiple skins for each vehicle, the guide explains how to change skins after installation.

 Skin Packages

A skin package will contain skins for all vehicles in that nation and/or nation/class.  They may be of similar skin or camoflage design. The links will take you to the appropriate page for additional information/download. Click on the NATION to go to that page for screenshots and additional information.

Modifications and Crew Page

Custom Skin Blog for the latest updates and information

Shiny Metal Mod

This is a mod I got off a Russian mod site and it works with Grandpa’s custom skins, default stock skins, or other custom skins, including hit skins.  It changes the lighting for HD models and makes part show as shiny metal.  I think it really makes the skins “pop” and is a great mod.  I used to add it to all my  custom skins downloads, but now you can also get it here as a stand alone mod to add to your skins.

A reminder, it only works with HD skins and for those running their client in HD.  Adds nothing to the SD client or skins.


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