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 CAUTION The Grandpa’s Directory View contains some older stuff while I convert to the new style. Most should work, but some may not be compatible with the current game version. When everything is up to date, I will remove this warning. For now what you may be looking for may be here and not yet moved to new format

To find links to Remodel and Custom Skins use the navigation tips from the front page. You can also check out the storage area on Yandex Disk. Remodels are stored by Nation and Custom Skins are stored by Nation/Type (Class).

Downloads by Category via Download Manager

NOTE: This listing of possible downloads may or may not be accurate. Information is drawn from the downloads database, but may include items that have been deleted or suspended as they are no longer compatible or being updated

Listing by Categories

Cross Hairs (Sights)
Damage Panels
KISS Interface

Custom Skins and Remodels

American Remodels
British Remodels
Chinese Remodels
Czech Remodels
French Remodels
German Remodels
Japan Remodels
Russian Remodels

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