Garages (Hangars)


I have modified multiple garages for use with World of Tanks. They were created by War Gaming and appeared in original format for different versions of the game and/or special events.

I have taken the originals and added different skins, or in some cases different models to make them have different appearances.  Take a look and give them a try.  They will not show during a special event as WG overrides mod garages during an event.

Some of these are no longer working in 0.9.7 and 0.9.8.  I have switched to a multi-garage format for those that are working.

You may still try these if you wish, but they are not being updated.

cave1 cave2



tutor2 tutor1

wowp1 wowp2

shot_262 shot_263 shot_264 shot_265


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