French Skins


Included here are custom tanks skins for the French series of tanks in World of Tanks.  The default camo style is Grandpa’s camo, but other styles may be included within the package.

INSTALLATION: Insure you have a res_mods/x/x/x/vehicles directory, if not create one.  x.x.x is the current game version. Then unzip the archive into the res_mods/x.x.x/vehicles directory. If you wish to install selected tanks and not the entire set, refer to the installation instructions below.  If you are searching for individual skins or smaller packages, check on Curse

For more information check here, for installation instructions here.

French Light

Custom skins for French Light series

Updates for 0.9.15 – added AMX 13-90 in HD

Example screenshots

French Medium

Custom skins for French Medium series

Example screenshots

French Heavy

Custom skins for French Heavy series

Updated for 0.9.10

fr_arl44 fr_m4_45

Example screenshots

French Tank Destroyer

Custom skins for French Tank Destroyer series

Example screenshots

French Artillery (SPG)

Custom skins for French Artillery (SPG) series

Example screenshots



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