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Grandpa’s Audio Mods


Background Screens
Clock Date Time in Hangar
Grandpa’s Content Mods – Scenery and Vehicles
Grandpa’s Content Mods – Trains (Railway)
Grandpa’s Custom Icons
Grandpa’s KISS Contour Icon Collection
Military Vehicles
Railway Cars

Cross Hairs (Sights)

Grandpa’s Crosshairs Version 2
Harpoon Crosshairs (English Version)
High Visibility Crosshairs
KISS Crosshairs
Sniper Mods

Damage Panels

Damage Panel Emblems – Americas
Damage Panel Emblems – Europe
Damage Panel Emblems – Other
Damage Panel Logos
Grandpa’s Damage and Hitlog (No XVM)
Grandpa’s Damage Log (No XVM)
KISS Damage Panels
NFL Damage Panel Logos
Pacific 12 Conference Damage Panel Logos
Southeastern Conference Damage Panel Logos


Cave Hangar
Clock Date Time in Hangar
Premium Hangar with Enhancements
Town Hangar (North American Victory Day)
Victory Day Hangar

KISS Interface

Grandpa’s KISS Contour Icon Collection
Grandpa’s Sixth Sense Mod (with Sounds)
KISS All-In-One (XVM)
KISS Standard XVM
Relief Maps
WoW Style Vanilla XVM

Custom Skins


American Artillery (SPG)
American Heavy Tank Mods
American Heavy Tanks
American Light Tank Mods
American Light Tanks
American Medium Tank Mods
American Medium Tanks
American Tank Destroyers
American TD Mods
Chaffee – Bulldog
HD Tanks 0.9.6
M-18 Hellcat with Crew
M36 Jackson with Crew
M36B Jackson “Fury HellCat”
M4 Sherman Jumbo Mod
M4 Sherman Mod
M4A3E2 Jumbo “Brute” Mod
M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo “Thunderbolt”
M4A3E8 as Thunderbolt
M4A3E8 HD Mod
M4A3E8A Fury
M6 to Mutant Mod
Milkym4n Mods Custom Skins
RAM II Remodel
T-14 Modern Mod
T-49 Remodel
T26E4 Super Pershing with Tiger Skin
XM551 Sheridan Remodel


British Artillery (SPG)
British Heavy
British Light
British Light and Medium – New 0.9.5
British Medium
British Remodels
British Tank Destroyers
British Tank Destroyers – New 0.9.5
British Tank Mods


China Type 59 Mod
China Type 64 Mod
Chinese Dragon Tanks
Chinese Heavy Skins
Chinese Light Skins
Chinese Medium Skins
Chinese Tank Mods
Milkym4n Mods Custom Skins


French Artillery (SPG)
French Heavy
French Light
French Medium
French Tank Destroyer
French Tank Mods
HD Tanks 0.9.6
Premium Tanks 0.9.6


German Artillery (SPG)
German Heavy
German Light
German Medium
German Tank Destroyer
Gift and Tanksmas 2014 Skins
HD Tanks 0.9.6
PzKpfw Panther Aust F (Panther 88 L/71)


Japan Heavy Skins
Japan Light Skins
Japan Medium Skins
Milkym4n Mods Custom Skins
Premium Tanks 0.9.6


Gift and Tanksmas 2014 Skins
HD Tanks 0.9.6
IS-6 Remodel as Defender
KV-122 “Beast” Mod
Milkym4n Mods Custom Skins
Russian Artillery (SPG)
Russian Heavy
Russian Light
Russian Medium
Russian Tank Destroyer
Russian Tank Mods
T-62A Mod


Background Screens
Grandpa’s Sixth Sense Mod (with Sounds)
Gray Crash Skins
High Definition Skins
Relief Maps

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  • Miscellaneous

  • Popular

  • Vehicle Skins

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    • British

    • Chinese

    • Czech

    • French

    • German

    • Japan

    • Non-Remodel

    • Popular Skins

    • Remodel

      • American Remodel

      • British Remodel

      • China Remodel

      • Czech Remodel

      • French Remodel

      • German Remodel

      • Japan Remodel

      • Russian Remodel

      • Sweden Remodel

    • Russian

    • Sweden

  • World of Warships

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Um sir where’s the download link for the Vk1602 Edelweiss ?
Can i please have itttt,, i like your remodels very much


Where’s the download link for the Edelweiss VK1602 Leopard??
Please helppp


Just a friendly word to say the link for Propaganda Music is broken.