Damage Log and Panels


I use various Damage Panels with my All-in-One (AIO) mods.  Besides a different look, the major difference is in the information about hits taken and how they are displayed. Here is a listing and some examples of the damage panels I use.

Grandpa’s Damage and Hitlog (No XVM)

This mod adds a Damage Log (who you hit) and a HitLog (who hit you) to the standard Damage Panel configuration. Will also work with many of the custom damage panel configurations such as Gambiter . See here for additional damage panels 



  • To install, move the mdos and res_mods folder from the  archive file into the World of Tanks game directory.
  • Font installation, install the fonts in the font folder of the archive it not already installed. Right click on font and choose install.


  •  Graphics Version ONLY
  • LEFT CONTROL + Arrow keys move the small panel
  • RIGHT CONTROL + Arrow key move the Detail (lower) panel
  • OR CTRL + grab with mouse cursor and move to desired location

Graphics Version:




Grandpa’s Damage Log (No XVM)

NEW FOR 0.9.16

I have multiple Damage Panels that I use, but they all use the same Damage Log.  This download contains two variations of the damage log configuration. This log will work will ALL square damage panel mods.

Now with three (3) options depending on how much of the new War Gaming Interface you want to use.  To install move/copy the res_mods directory from the option of your choice into the World of Tanks game directory.


The options are:

Option 1 – Full WG Options

Move the res_mods directory from the Option1_Full_WG directory in the archive (zip) to your World of Tanks game directory. Then in game, go to Menu->Setting->Feedback and choose the following options.



Option 2 – Partial WG

Use with XVM

Move the res_mods directory from the Option2_Partial_WG directory in the archive (zip) to your World of Tanks game directory. Then in game, go to Menu->Setting->Feedback and choose the following options.




Option 3 – No WG

Use with XVM

Move the res_mods directory from the Option3_No_WG directory in the archive (zip) to your World of Tanks game directory. Then in game, go to Menu->Setting->Feedback and choose the following options.



The Graphics Log is shown in this image and it is the DEFAULT for the install from this archive. To convert to the Text Only version, rename res_mods/configs/DamageLog directory to DamageLog_Graphics and rename the DamageLog_Text to DamageLog

KISS Damage Panels

This is a set of damage panels from the KISS AIO selection.

To Install:

  • Choose your logo from the archive (zip) directory
  • Copy/move the gui directory from the archive (zip) to res_mods/x.x.x/
  • Where x.x.x is the current game version

Standard KISS

Transparent KISS

Zayaz Damage Panel


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Just for it could help: your other panel shows both data correctly.

This one:
comment image

Hello, again. No. The problem isn’t the log.cfg nor the log itself. I think I didn’t explain it well 😉 Look at this capture: As you can see, the panel should show the nick on the left side, and the tank name on the right, but they show the same. Besides, if you are in a clan, on the left you could see “Nick+clan” and on the right only the nick. It is an extrange thing, and I think the problem is into the “DamagePanel.swf”, or in the form the game handle that .swf, because the “CDPSetting.xml” appears to be… Read more »

Hi, Grandpa!!

I have tried your HUD Panel and it works perfectly on 0.9.14. I have adapted DamageLog, HitLog, Message and Timer to my preferences (only for personal use, of course).
The only one thing I can’t fix is the Tank Name of the Damage Panel. Both player name and tank name shows the same: player name. The tank name shows player name too.

It is difficult to solve? The rest of the panel doesn’t seem to need being touched.

Thanks in advance. _Nostramo_


This does not seem to work for 9.14, please see if it is a simple fix or if it is broken. Thanks in advanced, Kyleapril32


I am using the basic damage panel you have from the curse sight. My problem is this, The totals section at the top, are all in Cyrillic (russian), not english. How do I fix this? Everything else is fine, just the top line items, total hits, last, damage blocked etc etc.

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