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0.9.13 Updates

Listed below are all the updates for 0.9.13, for Custom Skin Updates, please see the ...
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0.9.16 Update Information

The following have been updated and or tested to work in 0.9.16 12/9/2016 - Updated ...
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0.9.17 UPDATES

KISS AIO ( UPDATES):  Forgot that EU was still on, so here is a link ...
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0.9.19 Custom Skin Updates

Custom skins and Remodel additions for 0.9.19 series ...
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0.9.7 French Tanks

The French Medium and French Light downloads now contain all the vehicles for 0.9.7 in ...
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0.9.7 Updates Posted

04/21/2015 - The following updates for 0.9.7 and XVM 6.1.0 were posted today.

American Heavy Tanks

Custom skins for the American Heavy series. Example screenshots: ...
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American Light Tanks

Custom skins for the American Light series Example Screenshots: ...
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American Medium Tanks

 Custom skins for the American Medium series. Example Screenshots: ...
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American Skin Updates

I have updated the following custom skins: T110E5, T-29, T-32, T-69, T26E4 Super Pershing, M36 ...
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American Tank Articles

Articles and Information on American Tank Remodels and Skins ...
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