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Grandpa’s Content Mods – Trains (Railway)

Content Mods include scenery updates, vehicle reskinned, and railway reskin

Content Railway Mods – 3 versions – USA, Europe, Origiinal

Only 1 can be used, take your choice and move the .wotmod file into the mods/x.x.x directoy

I got started revising mods by a player named MAS629. He does great work and they come from the Russian web sites. So now the vast majority are original work by me, mostly on the city maps and items.. There are screenshots of this work following the text. Content mods are all static. Meaning that once loaded, they do not change in game. But these are high definition, so they may increase loading time or decrease FPS rate in game. I use them on a laptop occasionally, but have never tested to see if they do cause FPS issues. Some have a different model than the game, for example the trucks have cargo and the armored cars are a complete remodel of the old Mercedes. First of all let’s take a look at what is in the content directory. You will see the following sub-directories:

  • Environment: Contains structures and vehicles seen in the environment of the game. mostly vehicles, but also buildings and signs, etc. Trucks are of various variety, German, Russian, US and French Free Forces. Replaces old Mercedes with US Armored Car, except for the black Mercedes that resembles a Nazi staff car. Plus I have added new bulletin boards for the North American maps.
  • Military: Military static vehicles. Here I have included the three versions of the motorcycle and the willy’s jeep. Also a crashed airplane found on many maps.
  • Railway: This is the mod that got it all started. It makes the railway cars much easier to see. In normal game, I was constantly bashing into railway cars since they were so hard to see. With this they are not. I also have changed the American Locomotive to reflect the colors and logo of the Union Pacific.


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5dc8fc94d50447c70e7648bc790cd69e bus 3trucks mercedes veh1 veh2 trucks3 oldtruck


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238x244-..-wp-content-uploads-2012-05-vid1_thumb american_railcars

The following are included in Grandpa’s Content Mods, you may download them separate here if you just want these sections

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