Changiing P-MOD  

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P-MOD is not a mod package, it is a complex mod that does many things.  So you only need to update one mod instead of 5 or 6 when the version changes.  To change the configuration, go to mods/configs/pmod.

The configuration files are all .json files (text) I use Notepad ++ to edit them.  They are all pretty explanatory and have document remarks inside.

Of most interest are:

  • zoomX,json which will allow you to set your zoom levels
  • defaultZoom.json which allows you to set the initial zoom when you click to sniper
  • reducedArmor.json (Off) allows you to turn on an armor indicator for your target
  • tdbrakeRemover.json allows you to turn off the brakes so you can rotate in sniper mode


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Posted : 04/06/2017 5:16 pm

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