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There are drag and drop options along with a few tweaks you can also do manually if you so wish, the latter requires the use of a suitable code editor like Notepad++, not the Notepad built in to Windows.

The XVM config is/was originally designed to be able to easily change the more desirable settings. Due to the complexity of XVM some options have to be manually set in the config files. see below for detail.

Main file for the configuration is @kiss.xc.  I use a lot of default XVM setting, so the configuration files only contain changes to default.

File Description:

This will show stats on the battle loading screen.

This is the screen with the teamlist on that you see just before you enter the battle.

[playersPanel.xc] in @kiss.xc
This will show stats on the players panel in-game.

Players panels are the ‘sidebars’ in a battle where you can see player names, tank etc.

[statisticForm.xc] in @kiss.xc
This will show stats on the statistics form.

The statistics form is visible when you press TAB during a battle

Large Minimap on CTRL

This config will show a large (clickable) version of the minimap in the middle of the screen when the left CTRL key is pressed.

Mirror Vehicle Icons in @kiss.xc

If you are using custom vehicle icons and find they are backwards for one team (or you want to reverse the vanilla ones) then use this option.

Six Sense Alternatives

There are over 20 options included for the Sixth Sense icon. They are all kept in numerical order in res_mods\xvm\grandpa\images\optional6thsense.

Once you have chosen your icon; copy the <SixthSense_#>.png file into the res_mods\configs/xvm/grandpa/images folder and rename it SixthSense.png - overwriting when asked/prompted.


The below options are only to be performed once you have configured any drag/drop options that you prefer - this will save you editing things multiple times! DO NOT use the Notepad built into windows for this, you will need a code editor such as Notepad++ (click to download).

The following instructions assume that you are already in res_mods\configs\xvm\grandpa.

Enable Auto Crew/Equip Return

This option is disabled as it never really looked right in the hangar and was not an easy config fix (lots of playing around with SWF files etc) so it was disabled by default - by design.

This is a popular option with some players so here is how you can enable it:

Open @kiss.xc find the hangar section and change the lines

"enableCrewAutoReturn": false,

"enableEquipAutoReturn": false,


"enableCrewAutoReturn": true,

"enableEquipAutoReturn": true,

Don’t forget to save your changes! They will only be applied with the client opening, in other words the changes won’t take effect whilst the game is running - exit the game and restart it to apply the changes.

 Tanks Alive Score

The counter at the center-top of the screen shows the ‘score’ by tanks that have been killed e.g. if the enemy win with 14 tanks alive the score will be 1-15. You can change this scoring to show tanks alive - a popular choice for some as it allows you to view a numerical advantage/disadvantage easily with a quick glance.

To change the scoring from ‘dead’ to ‘alive’ tanks, open @kiss.xc batle section and change the line

"fragCorrelation": { "showAliveNotFrags": false },


"fragCorrelation": { "showAliveNotFrags": true },

Change Sixth Sense ‘Lightbulb’ Duration

If you wish to extend/shorten the time that the Sixth Sense icon appears then you need to edit the @kiss.xc [battle] section.

The time is shown in milliseconds

"sixthSenseDuration": 2000,

So as an example if you wished to set 5 seconds (5000 milliseconds) then the line becomes;

"sixthSenseDuration": 5000,

Saving Your Settings Guide

If you wish to save your settings so that you don't have to keep selecting/editing them every time there is an update - you can!

To do so navigate to your res_mods directory, then to xvm\configs and create a copy of the grandpa folder. Now you have a new folder called 'grandpa - copy'. Rename this folder to MySettings (case sensitive) edit the xvm.xc file (found in res_mods\configs\xvm) using a code editor, such as Notepad++, to change the only line from


Unfortunately you will need to edit/replace the xvm.xc with each update from the forums that you apply. You will not have to do this if you simply update XVM on it’s own.


Posted : 30/06/2017 3:16 pm

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