Clock in Hangar


Currently requires manual install. Unarchive files into the res_mods/x.x.x/ directory.

You will see the following files:

  • logos.swf – main file for displaying clock
  • logos.xml – clock configuration file (default white color, position below Battle start)
  • logos_red.xml – change name to logos.xml for red clock text
  • logos_blue.xml – change name to logos.xml for blue clock text
  • logos_amber.xml – change name to logos.xml for amber clock text
  • logos_white.xml – change name to logos.xml for white clock text (default)
  • logos_red_bg.swf – change name to logos.swf to get white text with read background, no other config possible
  • logos_top.swf – change name to logos.swf to move clock to above Battle start, no other config possible

Configuration including location change via the logos.xml file

Clock Date Time in Hangar

Adds clock to hangar

Unarchive files into the World of Tanks game directory. Options to reconfig found in Options directory. Config file is in the  res_mods/0.x.x/gui/flash directory

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Need Update 0.9.16 (When mod installed you couldn’t write in battle)

Hope update

Best Regards, ExAer


Does not work in 0.9.16. Will there be an update?


Is there a way to make Midnight read 12:00 am instead of 0:00 am ? thanks


Does this mod work in 0.9.3 ?

Is the install description correct?
Seems a bit off when I unzip the archive…