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This post shows possible configuration changes, with instructions. As well as using the comments section for Bug Reports or questions.

Quick Configuration Changes (XVM)
XVM Customize Options
Carousel 4 Rows
Changing P-MOD
Removing KISS Logo
Removing GAME OVER after death
No Statistics in Garage
Change Log

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Capt Danjou


I don’t write this message to report a problem but to give an information. The color of the name of a player corresponds to its score WN8 in the screen of launch of the battles (My score WN8 is 1220 and my name appears dark green). But in battle, the correspondence of colors doesn’t exist anymore. (My name remains dark green, but my score WN8 becomes yellow). Is it normal ?

Thank you for your answer.


Thank you very much!


It is possible to fix STRV S1 vehicle icon? It is not gold like other premium vehicle icons in hangar.