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This post shows possible configuration changes, with instructions. As well as using the comments section for Bug Reports or questions.

Quick Configuration Changes (XVM)
XVM Customize Options
Carousel 4 Rows
Changing P-MOD
Removing KISS Logo
Removing GAME OVER after death
No Statistics in Garage
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Capt Danjou


After a few days of absence, I installed the last version of Kiss AIO and I played WOT. I noticed a problem in the display of the detail of the battles. The list of the tanks that I damaged doesn’t appear any more in the window of details of the battles. The list is totally empty.
Do you know this problem? Is it necessary to install the mod Granpas_stats ?
Thank you in advance of your answer.


Problem solved,thanks.
A donation for a few beers is on its way.


Hello Grandpa,
I may be the only one to have this bug but when replacing style1 icons with any other, damage.round.panel does’nt work anymore (tank shape is not displayed and HP don’t decrease when being hit).
Wheter style# is in mods/ or mods/ the bugs stays.
I noticed that style1 and other styles don’t have the same number of files, hint ?
If no easy solution is available, don’t bother to much, it’s not a big issue, just a comment.
Thanks for your outstanding work.


I tested the last version of KISS AIO (28/10/17) and I noticed the following bugs;
– The health bar is not correctly positioned.
– In sniper mode, the screen becomes black. We can see only the outlines of tanks.
Thank you for your work.


First of all thank u very much for all your effort your mods are amazing!
Ι would like to inform you that there is a problem with custom icons and specifically sweden and czech premium food. Can you fix it?