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News and Upcoming Features

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First news is that my ISP attempted to make my site more secure and locked everyone out for a day or so, apologies.

Next item is about World of Warplanes 2.0. I have been playing this edition for a while now and find it very enjoyable.  Much better than the initial release, which in my option sucked.  You will start seeing some WoWP mods appearing here in the near future. Have also added a menu item to help find them.

As for World of Tanks.  I am working on a couple of different projects right now.

  • Reworking the carousel icons to improve the camo and make special tanks and premium tanks in a different color
  • Reworking some of the standard custom skins with new camo.  This will make them more compatible with the new WG custom paint features and not interfere with it.
  • Reworking the stats in the hangar from XVM to make them more meaningful.
  • Then I will resume doing some remodels as I get the opportunity.
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