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Grandpa’s Miscellaneous Mods

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Grandpa’s Miscellaneous Mods

This download contains multiple mods.  They can be used separately or together.

TO INSTALL: Copy/move the <mod file>.wotmod from the archive (zip) to the mods/<game version> folder

Grandpa’s Minion After Battle Screens

(grandpa_minion_afterbattle.wotmod – with medal)
(grandpa_minion_afterbattle_option.wotmod – without medal)
(only one of the above can be used)

This mod shows after a battle to display statistics for that battle. The original idea came from Hawg, who makes a lot of mods on Curse. I changed some of the images to get what I wanted.  Enjoy

Grandpa’s Colored Damage Stickers


Red for penetration, yellow for no penetration

Grandpa’s HD Decals


Replaces game decals with HD roundels

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