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Remodels and Custom Skins Downloads

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I now have all the Custom Skins and Remodels moved to the Yankex Disk.  The links above work and have individucal downlaods for each tank.

For a Remodel they are under the nation, with nation name only, i.e., german.  For Custom Skins (no remodel) they are by nation underline skins and tyepe. For example american_skins/td_spg.

I have also added some additional skins for various models.

  • American – T-37, T71, T-29, T26E4 SP, M48A1 (HD), T69 (HD), Chaffee
  • German – Tiger 1, JP II, JPIV. Dickermax, Tiger II, Maus, E-100, Hetzer, PzIV-S, Panther M10, Jagdpanzer 88
  • French – ARL44, ELC, AMX 13-90

Download Update

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Almost finished reorganizing all the downloads and moving them to a more organized directory.  So things may be a little less screwy.

  1.  I still use the Download Manager, these are the posts that show the green DOWNLOAD button.  I put a new remodel into the Download Database then link to it via a Post to make it easier to find.  I am moving all Remodels and Skins to single vehicle downloads.
  2. Try the YandexDisk Download area for the latest Remodels and Custom Skins.. Remodels are organized by nation and just the nation name is for the remodel area. Custom Skins are organized by nation and tyrpe, for example “american_skins/heavy”. I have moved the old downloads of entire vehicle types to Posts for each nation and type.  These posts link to the Yandex Disk area containing the download for that nation/type.
  3.  If all else fails, try Grandpa’s Download Directory Viewer, but CAUTION here, some of the downloads are old and may be out of date…

Good luck and happy hunting…

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