0.9.2 Common Test Report


0.9.2 Common Test 1 was released yesterday.  So far testing all mods, the following is working and/or broken. All-In-Ones: These are working in 0.9.2 CT except for the following.

  • KISS Crosshairs Version 1 and Version 2 are not working 100%.  They work, but do not allow changing of the configuration in the Menu->Settings->Reticle window, even in battle.  My current fix for this is to use my modified version of Alekslee’s UGN crosshair.  It simulates the KISS very well and will give you a crosshair choice while I work on fixing the KISS crosshairs.
  • P-MOD is working when using P-MOD Version 8

Grandpa’s Audio Mods are working AFTER I modified the xml files in the GUI directory.  I will post a patch for 0.9.2 CT later and the full upload when 0.9.2 goes live. Content Mods are all working, since they are static images should not be an issue ever. Battle Loading Background Screens while working I will need to modify some of the new map images.  But for now that is not my top priority. Tank Skins: 4 new HD tanks with the release.  Also, WG seems to have reverted to the old naming policy.  A lot of tank skins formerly named with the _AM have reverted back to without the _AM.  Waiting for the dust to settle before I make any skin package changes. If you are running 0.9.2 Common Test, then here are the steps to get the Battle Interface working:

  1. After downloading and installing any of the AIOs, you will need to change crosshair mods
  2. Delete the res_mods/x.x.x/scripts/client/AvatarInputHandler directory (this takes out the offending file aims.pyc)
  3. Download and install the Grandpa’s Version 3 Crosshair mod

Grandpa’s Crosshairs Version 3

Currently XVM is working with 5.3.3 dev. Iam revising the KISS XVM Configuration and it will change slightly with 0.9.2

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