0.9.19 Updates


KISS (0.9.19 UPDATES): 

NOTICE: If updating from an older version, please DELETE all the old files first, then install new files.  This is especially true in the World of Tanks/mods directory.  As I convert the older KISS files to the new wotmod format, I may change file names or include different files within the container.  You will get an error if there is a duplicate, or when you go into battle, you will not have an interface.

All mods are working in

Let me know if you find any other issues.

I made some configuration changes in 0.9.19.  This includes bringing back PMOD to use for some things I was doing in XVM.  That resulted in a small XVM change.  The interface will look only slightly different. The changes help me configure two version XVM and No XVM and keep the look and feel close and the changes on a revision small.

Here is a view of XVM and other KISS Mods. Updates

7/19/2017 – Updated the following:

  • KISS AIO – Custom icons, icons style 1 and 9, stats
  • Custom Icons – added Polish crew and tank

7/13/2017 – Updated KISS AIO to PMOD 27-2 and XVM 6.7.8

07/12/2017 – Updated KISS AIO, No XVM bugfix.  Session Stats is now working correctly for AIO, not like I want it but not erroring out.  Will continue to work on it.. Fixed download link issue

NOTE: I also added the ability to view the download directories locally and on Yandex, just select the Download option on th emenu to see them.

7/11/2017 – Updated the following to

  • KISS AIO, using XVM 6.7.5-dev until release version is available.
  • Custom Icons
  • Contour Icons
  • KISS Crosshairs
  • Grandpa’s V2 Crosshairs
  • Damage/Hitlog No XVM
  • KISS Damage Panels

7/10/2017 – Rumor is RU goes to tomorrow 7/11/2017.

  • Updated all the Contour Icons to
  • Updated Custom Icons to (will NOT work with, changed one of the .swf files) Updates
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