0.9.18 Updates



NOTICE: If updating from an older version, please DELETE all the old files first, then install new files.  This is especially true in the World of Tanks/mods directory.  As I convert the older KISS files to the new wotmod format, I may change file names or include different files within the container.  You will get an error if there is a duplicate, or when you go into battle, you will not have an interface.

All mods are working in

Let me know if you find any other issues.

5/12/2017 – Bugfix for the bollowing:

  • KISS AIO, KISS XVM, WoW XVM, removed the old wotmod file
  • Following remodels corrected; VK3601H as Tiger 131, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo Brute, Ram II

5/7/2017 – Updated KISS AIO, XVM, WoW XVM to XVM 6.6.5

5/5/2017 – Updated KISS AIO to fix Statistics issue and Content to correct wrong archive mode

5/2/2017 – Updated the following:

  • KISS AIO reconfigured the mods foler, KISS mods now inside kiss folder, crosshair mods inside crosshair folder
  • KISS AIO updated files in the Options folder, Icons updated
  • Icons Style 1 and 6 updated, 2,3,4,5,7,9 bugfix for duplicate wotmod files

4/30/2017 – Added two new hangars. All hangar mods working in

Victory Day Hangar

Hangar for Russian Victory Day

To install: Copy the res_mods directory from the archive (zip) file into the World of Tanks game directory.

Town Hangar (North American Victory Day)

Town Hangar (North American Hangar for Victory Day)

To install: Copy the res_mods directory from the archive (zip) file into the World of Tanks game directory.

4/25/017 – Updated the follwoing:

  • KISS AIO updated XVM 6.6.2, restored square damage panel with centered health bar and clock in hangar to No XVM
  • KISS XVM updated to XVM 6.6.2
  • KISS Damage Panels
  • Crash skins
  • Clock in hangar

4/24/2017 – Updated the following:

  • KISS AIO returned to the round damage panel for XVM version, updated cross hairs
  • Updated crosshairs, ALL versions
  • Corrected a couple of mod skin files that did where in wrong format

4/23/2017 – KISS AIO bugfix for gun constraints (ugn)

4/22/2017 – KISS AIO and XVM updated to XVM 6.6.2

  • Evening upload to correct clock in hangar issue with XVM

4/19/2017 – Updated KISS AIO and KISS XVM to XVM 6.6.0 release

4/18/2017 – went live as forecast today on NA.  I have posted KISS AIO with XVM 6.6.0-dev build 7390 and it and KISS AIO XVM are working in the update.  Will test No XVM later today.

4/15/2017 – Following updated:

  • Contour Icons Styles 1-9
  • Custom Ammo, Equipment, Crew Icons
  • All cross hair mods
  • Audio Mod
  • Battle Loading Background Screens
  • Damage and HitLog (No XVM)
  • Clock in Hangar
  • Content Mods
  • Statistics Mod
  • HitLog
  • Safeshot
  • SixthSense
  • Zoom

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