0.9.16 Update Information


The following have been updated and or tested to work in 0.9.16

12/9/2016 – Updated the follwoing to XVM version 6.4.10


11/24/2016 – Following updated for micro-patch

  • Custom Icons Style 1-6, 9
  • Ammo, Equipment, Crew Icons, now contain Swedish crews and vehicles
  • KISS AIO, icons update
  • KISS XVM, icon update
  • KISS No XVM, icons update and switched to working Zayaz round damage panel

11/18/2016 – Updated the following to XVM


11/13/2016 – Updated the follwoing.  This is mostly an icon update to get the new T26E5 and some name corrections of other vehicles

  • Icons style 1-9
  • Ammo, Equipment and Crew Icons
  • Sixth Sense – fixed to get it working
  • KISS AIO – icons and hitlog icons
  • KISS No XVM, Hitlog Announcer Update, Clock in Battle update, Icons update, added SixthSense
  • KISS XVM, Hitlog Icons and Contour Icons

11/10/2016 – Updated KISS No XVM, updated PMOD to 23-3

11/07/2016 – Updated the following, updated to XVM v6.4.8.  Changes are to KISS XVM, so you do not need to download AIO if updating.  Just get KISS XVM and install over AIO


11/02/2016 – Following updated: Changes are to KISS XVM, so you do not need to download AIO if updating.  Just get KISS XVM and install over AIO

  • KISS AIO – updated XVM
  • KISS XVM Changes when pressing ALT
    • Minimap shows nickname
    • Players Panel shows HP in ears
    • Damage Log shows blocked shot
  • KISS XVM changes
    • Minor clock formatting
    • Spotted markers in Player’s Panel
    • Lst Hit Formatting, see below


10/29/2016 – Updated the following:

NOTE: If updating from earlier version, delete res_mods/config/xvm/grandpa directory prior to install.

  • KISS AIO – Changed the configuration format of KISS XVM.  Minor config changes, but significant file rename and structure change.
  • KISS XVM – see above

10/28/2016 – Updated the following:

  • KISS No XVM – updated clock in hangar
  • Clock in Hangar

10/27/2016 – Following Updated:

  • KISS AIO – NOW contains KISS XVM, one download for the full interface
  • KISS No XVM – NOW a complete Battle Interface
  • KISS XVM – separate download for those who want to use if with other mods
  • All Icons – Styles 1-6, and 9, also Custom Icons
  • German Series Custom Skins

10/23/2016 -Updated the following:

    • Moved Damage Log to KISS No XVM, this allows use of the new XVM Damage Log,
    • Updated Gun Constraints
    • Updated KISS Crosshairs
  • KISS No XVM – added Damage Log (non XVM)
  • Contour Icons Style 1-6 and 9, Ammo, Crew, and Equipment Custopm Icons
    • Updated to XVM v6.4.7.1
    • Added XVM Damage Log configuration
    • In game settings for Feedback are:



XVM 6.4.7 and KISS AIO Screenshot

10/22/2016 – Updated the following:

  • KISS No XVM – updated clock in hangar to 0.9.16
  • Clock in Hagar – updated to non configurable version working in 0.9.16


10/20/2016 – Updated Grandpa’s Crosshairs V2, KISS Crosshairs, added strategic (arty) sights to both

XVM is now being developed.  Most significant change is the addition of a damage log. I also am using the opportunity to make some small configuration changes, foremost among them is the move of images used by my XVM config into the grandpa directory.  Here is a screenshot of the new config. Changes will be uploaded when is released.


10/17/2016 – Updated the following:

  • Grandpa’s Crosshairs Version 2 – updated scripts file
  • KISS Crosshairs – updated scripts file and strategic crosshair
  • BadBoy Crosshairs – updated scripts file
  • Battle Loading Background Screens – added transparent Battle Loading screen
  • KISS XVM – updated config for minimap and HitLog location to tie it to Players Panel

10/16/2016 – Updated Voice Mods, adjusted volume, corrected some voices, added additional voices

This is a screenshot of what XVM will start looking like after the next update. XVM is adding its own DamageLog to the configuration and this is my custom configuration of the new module. The old DmageLog will be moved to the No XVM configuration and as a separate download.

XVM Version

XVM Version Screenshot

10/15/2016 – Updated KISS Crosshairs V2, Harpoon, White Crash skins

10/9/2016 – Updated Grandpa’s Audio, reduced volume and added multiple sixth sense options

  • I updated KISS AIO and since I only used two features of PMOD, I have replaced it with two options PMOD or No PMOD. You can use either option, BUT you must install the option of your choice after installing KISS AIO.
  • Download the archive (zip), move/copy the res_mods folder in the archive into the game folder
  • In the Options folder within the archive (zip), select either PMOD or No PMOD options
    • If PMOD, copy/move the scripts folder into the res_mods/x.x.x folder, where x.x.x is the current game version
    • If No PMOD, copy the res_mods folder into the game folder
    • Either option adds after session stats and sniper zoom.  PMOD contains addition features not used by KISS and is for those that are used to the “older” version of KISS AIO
  • Then install either KISS XVM or NO XVM from below

10/8/2016 – Updated

  • Damage Panels with National Images, Americas, Europe, Other.  Added repair timer for modules
  • Grandpa’s Voices Mod, finally got my old voice mod working in 0.9.16.  Has voices from Duke Nukem, Minnions, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and some female voices. Includes gun reloaded notification

10/7/2016 PM – Following updated:

  • KISS AIO – updated no fog, max plane.
  • KISS XVM – updated to XVM

10/7/2016 – Following updated

  • KISS XVM – updated to make configuration change to DamageLog/Option2 for using XVM HitLog, please see link below to make WG in game settings for new features.

WG made a lot of changes to the interface in 0.9.16.  As a result, there are numerous options that can impact which mods you may want to use.  This is especially true in KISS AIO and KISS XVM. I have posted some new instructions in KISS AIO and XVM Updates to assist in determining which configuration changes you may want to make.

10/6/2016 – since 0.9.16 went live, KISS has been crashing in XVM.  Took me awhile to narrow it down as KISS AIO worked fine without XVM and XVM worked fine without KISS AIO.  Finally discovered it was the Premium Hangar mod that was causing teh failure.  So the new KISS AIO is without the hangar mod.  If you hve the mod from Oct 4 and don’t want to re download, delete res_mods/0.9.16/spaces, system, and content to get rid of the hangar mod. New upload has a working Premium for Normal hangar mod.

  • KISS AIO – updated hangar mod, updated PMOD to 23.1, added Consumable Buttons mod, updated Damage Log mod
  • KISS XVM – updated to KISS
  • KISS No XVM – icons updated
  • Damage Log Mod updated
  • Contour Icons 1-9 updated
  • Custom Ammo, Crew, Equipment Icons updated
  • Custom Skins – Crew Mods updated to 0.9.16

10/4/2016 – The following are updated:

  • KISS AIO – all features working
  • KISS XVM – updated to XVM 6.4.6
  • KISS No XVM – Style 9 Contour Icons
  • Damage Hitlog
  • Damage Log

10/3/2016 – Following updated:

  • Battle Loading Background Screens
  • Damage Panel Nations Other

10/2/2016 – Following updated:

KISS All-in-One 0.9.16 version

  • Includes:
    • Damage Log (Option 1 Full WG)
    • Damage Panel
    • Debug Panel
    • Sixth Sense with sounds
    • PMOD 22-6
    • Safe Shot
    • KISS Crosshairs
  • Not Included (not yet working in 0.9.16)
    • Gun Constraints (ENT)
    • XVM
    • Gun Reloaded Sound
  • Known Issues:
    • PMOD after session stats not working.  Information and notification screen not working.

Contour Icons
Ammo, Crew, Equipment Icons
Damage Log
Content Mods
Sixth Sense with Sounds

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crosshairStrategic.swf removed and arty works now.


the game locks when I try to play artillery. also the ammunition and consumables are off center of the screen. you last update fixed my hitlog and shot record. the in-game setting helped.