0.9.15 Updates


Looks like about everything is working in 0.9.15 CT.  Custom icons needed an update to the new tanks and the advanced.swf changed, that is complete, but will have to await release before posting as it is not backward compatible.


  • The biggest change I see is that on with 30-40ms ping, I get 50-60 FPS.  On 0.9.15 with 200ms ping, I get 110-120 FPS, so they have really optimized it.
  • XVM has added some additional options.  You can read the change log to see what they are, but I have them turned off, since they added nothing I needed.  They can be turned on in the battle.xc config file
  • The only new skins I have so far are the Grille 15 (replacement for the WT E-100) and the new AMX 13-90 in HD.  Others will follow slowly.

06/11/2016 – KISS AIO and XVM udpated for

05/27/2016 – Icon Updates, some had mentioned that the icon sets were not complete or not for 0.9.15, so I updated all the icon sets, plus the following:

  • KISS AIO, updated all icons and added an updated Battle Statistics Mod back into the No_XVM option.  Icons are Style 1 standard, Style 2 Enhanced, Style 13 Grandpa’s, Style 12 No XVM
  • KISS XVM, updated all icons

05/26/2016 – Updated Ammo, Equipment, Crew Icons to include battle_ammo, updated KISS AIO

05/24/2016 – Updates for 0.9.15

  • KISS AIO with PMOD
  • KISS XVM with XVM 6.3.0 release
  • Visibility and Lighting corrected
  • Crash skins updated
  • Shiny Metal updted

05/23/2016 – 0.9.15 is scheduled for release tomorrow, so here is the latest tested versions

  • KISS AIO without PMOD, as soon as PMOD for 0.9.15 is released I will include it
  • KISS XVM with latest nightly build for XVM 6.3.0-dev, as soon as stable is released, I will update it
  • Visibility and Lighting
  • Audio

05/19/2016 – Updated following

  • All icons for 0.9.15.  Icons will work with earlier versions, EXCEPT Ammo, Equipment and Crew icons.  Delete res_mods/x.x.x/gui/flash/advanced.swf to get them to work with
  • French Light Series Skins (AMX 13-90 HD) and German TD Skins (Grille 15)


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Does that mean your sound pack will be working again? No offense to other creators, but there just isn’t any voice pack out there with the variety and sheer entertainment value of yours! 🙂