0.9.14 Updates


I will be posting all updates for 0.9.14 here.

Grandpa’s AUDIO mod is no longer working in 0.9.14. I will be working to move it over to the new engine, but its going to be a slow process.

I continue to update for  The rumored reason for this update was to close an exploit and identify illegal mods.  Since AIO is a compilation of my mods and other mods by different authors, I have to wait until they update their mods also. Still waiting to see if PMOD and Gun Constraints are going to be updated.  The following are updated, tested and working.

04/06/2016 – Following updated to

  • Gray crash skins

04/03/2016 – Following are updated to

  • KISS AIO – updated SafeShot, icons, Grandpa’s damage panel, HUD, and Crosshairs
  • KISS XVM – icons
  • Icons – ALL sets including custom
  • Crosshairs – KISS and Grandpa’s version 2
  • Damage Panels
  • High Visibility

04/02/2016 – Following updated for

  • Grandpa’s Voice Mod

03/21/2016 – Updated the following:

  • Crosshairs – KISS, Grandpa’s V2, Non-KISS, updated the scripts file
  • KISS AIO – updated crosshair scripts files

03/16/2016 – Added a new sound (voice) mod

Grandpa’s Audio Mods

Grandpa’s Voice Mod

This is my original audio mod with various voices including:

  • Duke Nukem,
  • Team Fortress,
  • Left 4 Dead,
  • some female voices.
  • Gun reloaded (up, batter up)

Grandpa’s Music Mod

Examples of Sounds in the Music Mod

This is a conversion of Noble Platoon’s Music Mod into the current format.  This mod was one of my favorites and I have been wanting to convert it over for years, and finally figured out how.

It does the following:

  • Replaces the in battle music with sounds of combat.  Planes flying overhead, machine gun fir, explosions, etc
  • Replaces the music n the hangar with music from the 1940’s
  • Replaces the music for Victory (Churchill, FDR, or Patton speech)
  • Replaces the music for Draw (Churchill or Patton speech)
  • Replaces the music for Defeat (Hitler speech)
  • Intro music (before a battle) is a selection of WWII swing music and patriotic marches.  Selections are 1 minute to 1.5 minutes in length and may intrude on batle for the first 30 seconds or so.

Grandpa’s Notification Mod – replaces notification sounds for following:

  • Ally Base Capture
  • Enemy Base Capture
  • Sixth Sense (from game menu you can select 2 variants or the user defined)
  • Ally killed
  • Countdown timers


  • For the Music Mod ONLY – Copy/move the audioww folder from the music_mod_only folder in the archive (zip) to the res_mods/x.x.x folder, where x.x.x is the current game version
  • For Voice Mod ONLY – Copy/move the audioww folder from the voice_mod_only folder in the archive (zip) to the res_mods/x.x.x folder, where x.x.x is the current game version
  • For Notification Mod ONLY – Copy/move the audioww folder from the notification_only folder in the archive (zip) to the res_mods/x.x.x folder, where x.x.x is the current game version
  • For all audio mods – Copy/move the audioww folder from the combo_voice_music folder in the archive (zip) to the res_mods/x.x.x folder, where x.x.x is the current game version


03/14/2016 – Updated

  • ALL Icon Mods, including Custom and all styles
  • Update No Mirror mod for 0.9.14, for those not using XVM
  • Updated KISS XVM and AIO due to Icon update

03/13/2016 – Updated

  • Updated Damage Panels to correct for vehicle name not showing
  • Updated KISS AIO see update page for info

03/12/2016 – Updated KISS AIO for PMOD update to 21-1 and KISS XVM due to a couple of people reporting problems with Color Blind mode and the Statistics screens See KISS Updates for details

03/11/2016 – updated following:

  • Added 3 new hangars for 0.9.14. Premium without premium account with USA posters, Town (1 May), Victory Day – Grandpa’s Hangar Mods

03/10/2016 (PM) – uploaded the following:

  • Shiny Metal Mod – enhancement for ALL skins, stock, custom, even hit skins
  • KISS XVM – update to 6.2.1 Release version

03/10/2016 – uploaded the following:

  • Ammo, Equipment and Crew Custom Icons – bugfix for changes in the advanced.swf causing issues in the hangar
  • KISS AIO – bugfix for the above, added latest files for some of the mods
  • Crash skins – update and slight color change
  • NOTE: I have noticed an issue with XVM and the Players Panel during game not updating correctly, this is a develop version and I am sure XVM crew will have a fix soon.

03/09/2016 – In preparation for the update to 0.9.14 tomorrow, I have uploaded the following updates:

  • KISS AIO – 0.9.14 ONLY, includes PMOD, HD Minimaps, and Visibility mods.  Also added many different Options to this download.  Look in Options folder for crosshairs, damage panels, etc
  • KISS XVM – 6.2.1-dev build 5216, tested and working with 0.9.14 CT
  • Icons – all Icons updated
  • Custom skins, see skin updates for more information
  • Crash skins
  • Content Mod, compressed images for faster loading

03/07/2016 – Added NON-KISS Cross Hairs

Harpoon Crosshairs (English Version)

This sight is definitely NOT Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).  It has tons of information displayed, although one option does not display all of it.

It shows:

  • Gun elevation and azimuth
  • Reloading timer
  • Health
  • Target vehicle, reloading time, nick



03/05/2016 – KISS Crosshairs and Grandpa’s Crosshairs V2 both updated for 0.9.14, with Options and Alternatives added.  Please see Crosshair Mods for more info

03/03/2016 – All working mods now included in KISS AIO.  Versions for 0.9.13 and 0.9.14, not interchangeable

02/12/2016 – Updated all the icons mods to 0.9.14, work fine with 0.9.13

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Just wanted to say, I sure hope you are working on your audio mods. No other voice mod has come close to your brilliance.

Just subscribed, so that I will know when you get it working.

Thanks again for your superb work in this game, good sir!!

– Kermit_Killer