Custom HD Skins Updates

Changes to the Custom Skin packages.


Some people have asked for my remodels without the camo.When I do a mix and match remodels, often the skin colors do not match, so it takes some work and time to get them to match up.  Camo is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.  But, I realize some of you may not appreciate my camo or color choices. So in the future I will be including the (pdn) files in the upload.  You will need to go into the wotmod file and copy them out of there, but that is not too difficult. Then you can use to remove camo or change skin colors.

For download go to the Grandpa’s Custom Skins page or the Modifications and Crew page

Also check on the  Yandex Disk  and/or my thread on NA forums

Check out Grandpa’s You Tube channel for quick looks at the mods

Also check out Installing Skins

Added Creating Custom Skins Tutorial Page 

How to Install wotmod Files

I am behind in posting all the custom skin downloads.  If you can’t find it listed here as a download then check out the YandexDisk for vehicles,  I have consolidated most of the downloads, so look for the nation_type file of the tank you want.  For example the VK1602 Edelwiess mod is in file.  Also you look at teh thread on the NA forums. I will attempt to get up to date, but this is summer and I travel a lot, so time to work on mods and websites is limited.  Bear with me!


0.9.19 Updates

7/17/2017 – Updated the following:

  • German Medium Mods – corrected VK3002M
  • Russian Heavy Mods – added KV-122 “Brute” model swap, M60 gun, M103 Turret with adds

7/6/2017 – Got closer to getting caught up, especially for the Remodels.  The American, Russian, and German doenloads are now more currect than they were and there are some new adds.

6/9/2017 – Added a couple of more remodels and corrected some of the download links.  Still behind, but working on getting caught up.

  • British: Churchill I and VII, Centurion MK1

6/5/2017 – Added to YandexDisk

  • Churchill I NA Remodel
  • Churchill VII NA Remodel
  • KV-122-260

5/31/2017 – Updated the following to HD

  • Russian Medium Series: KV-13, T-44
  • British Heavy Series: Excelsior

Got a little behind on updating skin packages.  I have been updating today, but not done by a long shot.  One way to see if there are any new ones you want is to check out the You Tube posts then go to the Yandex Disk to see if they are there.  I am posting any new stuff there and slowly moving the older stuff over.

0.9.18 Updates
0.9.17 Updates
0.9.16 Updates
American Tank Mods
British Tank Mods
Chinese Tank Mods
French Tank Mods
German Tank Mods
Russian Tank Mods
Other Updates
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Can you create a HD skin for the amx mle 46 please? The one i’ve downloaded still appears in the old format

Jon A Hudak

The skin for the SU122A SPG is not in the Russian SPG zip file


Wher is new skin for WZ111 HD ?