0.9.13 Updates


Listed below are all the updates for 0.9.13, for Custom Skin Updates, please see the other post with skin updates for 0.9.13

03/03/2016 – KISS AIO download now includes version for 0.9.13 and 0.9.14.  Missing PMOD for 0.9.14 and versions are NOT interchangeable. 0.9.14 tested on Common Test.

02/04/2016 – Following updates added

02/01/2016 – Following updates

  • Updated KISS XVM with minor formatting changes, added the Enhanced OT option
    • Enhanced OTM OptionThis is standard for the Enhanced Version.  You can use it in the Standard version if you so desire.  Just copy the res_mods/configs/xvm/Alternate Settings/Enhnaced/markers folder into res_mods/configs/xvm/grandpa folderenh_otm

01/22/2016 – The following were updated:

  • KISS N0 XVM updated to correct minor problem

01/02/2016 – The following were updated:

  • KISS XVM OTM ALT config added rating star with color based on vehicle eff rating
  • KISS XVM Players Panel vehicle color based on vehicle eff rating
  • KISS XVM changed configuration location of some files
  • KISS XVM Enhanced, removed HP from Players Panel except for “short” panel

12/30/2015 – The following were updated:

  • Content Mods – added some HD skins
  • Battle Loading background Screens – added Pilsen
  • KISS Common – background screens updated
  • KISS Standard and Enhanced – minor formatting of Damage Log
  • KISS XVM – updated to XVM and minor formatting of Hitlog

12/27/2015 – Updated the following

  • Damage Log format for KISS Standard and Enhanced
  • KISS XVM updated the HitLog format

12/23/2015 – Updated the following:

  • German Heavy Custom Skins, added a new skin for the Tiger I
  • German Light Custom Skins, added a new skin for the Luchs
  • UK Heavy Custom Skins, added a HD skin for the Caernarvon
  • UK TD Custom Skins, added a HD skin for the AT-15A, Challenger

12/22/2015 – Updated the following:

  • KISS Common, PMOD update
  • Content – fixed bug with Willys jeep
  • Czech Custom Skins – updated the ST-39, T-24, T-25 and added LT-38

12/17/2015 – Updated the following:

  • KISS Common – turned off the wasteShot in SafeShot.xml so you can now lead tanks in dead space.  deadShot and allyShot still on.
  • Czech Custom Skins – added Skoda T-25
  • Crash skins – corrected bug with Czech tanks
  • Content – added additional HD images
  • Added GM-56 custom skin to American TD Series

12/15/2015 – Updated the following:

  • All icons to 0.9.13
  • Icons in all KISS AIO
  • PMOD to 20-0
  • DamageLog to latest version


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PzVIB Tiger II does not work, the HD model is a multi skin instead of a single


I am new to using to XVM using the KISS standard. How in XVM do you change the color blind view of tanks from red to blue?. I have moved the color blind folder as per your instructions and the tanks change to blue when the sights is over them but I have trouble seeing them before that while they are still red. Thank you in advance


Am new to WoT,WoW,and Armored Warfare. Games as loaded now are totally stock. What mods would you recommend to help with gameplay? Also I’m not very tech savvy so how do you load the mods into the games
Thanks, Dave