0.9.12 Updates and Fixes


All of the mods are working in 0.9.12.  I will update them as go and do the final update the day of release.  XVM is working but there are almost daily revisions, so that will wait until final release.

11/24/2015 – Updated the following files

  • KISS Standard, Enhanced, and Grandpa’s AIO to correct issues with the Damage Panel (HitLog) and Crosshairs
  • KISS XVM updated to XVM build 5000 to correct some XVM issues and added a pale white circle on the minimap to indicate draw distance (550m), used to be a square.
  • Crash skins, fixed the bug where I was showing white tracks but not skins, now its just the skins that are gray, not the tracks
  • KISS Crosshairs and Grandpa’s Version 2 Crosshairs, updated to fix the bug that would not let you change configuration

11/22/2015 – The following updates were for bug fixes or new to 0.9.12

  • KISS Common – fixed the Contact Chat Screen Error, updated PMOD Configuration, updated the Visibility mod
  • Custom Icons – fixed the Contact Chat Screen Error
  • KISS No XVM – fixed the crash on loading issue

The following are working and will not be updated

  • Audio mod
  • Content mod

The following have been updated

  • Ammo, Crew, Component Icons – added Czech crew members with metals and flags in the barracks, new HD tank icons (11/8/2015)
  • Contour Icons – all styles  (11/8/2015)
  • Battle Loading Background Screens  (11/8/2015)
  • Relief Maps  (11/8/2015)
  • KISS Battle Interface, all versions
  • KISS XVM all versions

Custom Skins

  • German TD Updated – added Jadgpanther II, Marder III, Jadgtiger 88 in HD (11/10/2015)
  • Russian Heavy Updated – added KV-1, KV-220, IS-8 (T-10) in HD (11/11/2015)
  • Gray Crash Skins

The following WILL NOT be updated

  • Custom Hangars, including the Cave Hangar.  WG made a change in the way hangars work and its way too much effort to try and fix all the old hangars, including the Cave hangar, so they will not be updated.
  • Crew mods, as these die out due to more models moving to HD, they will not be updated.

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