June 18 2008

Water Filter


I put this on my TC23SB.  I needed to get the filter off the ground, organize the hoses, and have a place to store it.  I had a small space under the sofa with an outside entrance.  I used a regular full house filter with garden hose attachments on each end.  Then a 10 foot hose from the filter to the trailer connections.  A 25 foot hose from the faucet to the filter.

I made the holder from a 4 inch drain pipe.  I looks a lot better painted, now all black to match the bumper. Cut it off at the connector end to get the expansion. Mounted with 6 inch galvanized carriage bolts.

Does a really good job and I don’t have to carry something extra inside for it.

The filter in action on a trip…

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Posted June 18, 2008 by Tom Martin in category "Camping and RV", "Mods

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