August 5 2011

Tune up Ride


Checked the alignment based on the instructional video from Terratrikes, which differs some from the manual, but it came out neutral which is correct.. Also adjusted the Sturmley-Archer gearing according to another instructional video and off I went for my second ride.

trike 011

I ride the Olympia/Woodlawn Trail, which runs along the I-5 Interstate. The trail head is about 2 miles from the house, streets are either very low traffic or with a bike lane, so its pretty nice. It is an old railway, so incline is 2.2 degrees or less and it is a wide paved trail.  It intersects the Western/Chehalis Trail, which adds about 20 or more miles to the possible paths I can ride.

Got in 12.5 miles today, average 7.9 mph, max 20.4. I didn’t let it out today, after the mishap yesterday was a lot more cautious. Total on the odometer 18.9..

It handled really well today, not near as twitchy as yesterday. I have added some bling, but not too much, still adjusting the bling. Have a flashing white light on front, but need to make a mount for that to get it better. It is on the right and I want it on the left. Added an old bell off my Yugoslavia made folding bike, had a nice compass and bell, but my grandson really, really wanted that one, so its now on his bike. Got a PB Protege 9.0 computer, works well. Two Q Lights on the rear, a carbon bottle cage to hold the wife’s stainless bottle, a small air pump mounted to the seat back cross brace, flag, and a rear fender… and of course the Power Grips, which worked a whole lot better today, tried different shoes and they seem to fit nicer…

Anyway, off in the RV tomorrow to Portland and Eugene OR, lots of trails in Eugene, will try a few… if anyone in vicinity, give me a shout on PM, maybe we can go for a ride…

Trip Miles: 12.5
Average MPH: 7.9
Max Speed: 20.4
Odometer: 18.9

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