August 13 2011

Trike Cockpit


A shot of the trike cockpit.  From left to right, the Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Computer, white flashing light, also goes to steady, and the bell off of my 60’s Yugoslavia made folding bike.

trike 002

The picture below shows he modification I made to the handle bars to allow enough room to mount accessories.  I used a 3/4 inch wooden dowel and cut it about 6 inches long, then stuck it in the end of the handle bars about 4.5 inches.  Covered the part sticking out with back tape and added the accessories.  It could be a little shorter, but that is for revision 2.0.

eugene 049

Below is my frame mounted air pump.  No place on the frame, so I mounted it to the frame on the back of the seat, perfect place…

eugene 047

It is a week old and we have over 50 miles on it so far. The wife is averaging 5 miles a day or more on her rides.  I have it set up for her now so she can decide what she wants to buy when the time comes.  I am riding the mountain bike while she is using the trike. 

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