August 7 2011

Trike and RV


Well we’re off to Oregon for a couple of weeks.  First stop McMinnville and Olde Stone Village RV Park.  It’s adjacent to the Air and Space Museum with a connecting path.  This year the museum has added a huge water park with a 747 on the roof and water slides coming out of the 747 into the building.  Grandkids are going to love it.

The park is a nice place to ride, so I have been working to get the trike set up for Janet.  She rode it 3 miles last night over to the museum around and back.  Think we are getting it set up for her pretty good.  She will be riding it for the next 2 weeks while we’re in Oregon and I am riding my daughter’s 2 wheeler. Luckily we have the same x-seam, or at least close, so the handle bars are about all I have to adjust.

trike 012

I put a butt pack o the trike to hold water bottles and tools.  Its temporary until the rack arrives, they are back-ordered, and I have a large trunk pack to go on it.  Also, a commuter bag, from Utah Trikes, fits on the bottom of the seat and holds water bottles and tools.  But the butt pack works OK for now..

Going to spend a couple of days here then its off to Eugene, lots of trails in Eugene, one along he river.  So we should get plenty of time here to get it all tuned up for Janet, then have some nice rides in Eugene.

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