January 11 2015

Tommy H. Martin


Service Record

  • Entered US Army service: June 1965
  • Vietnam, 187th Assault Helicopter Company, 1967-1968
  • TAC Officer, Fort Wolters, Texas
  • Vietnam, 180th Assault Support Helicopter Company, 1970-1971
  • Warrant Officer Advance Course, Fort Rucker, AL
  • 242d Helicopter Company (Medium), Ft Wainwright, AK
  • 120th Helicopter Company, Ft Richardson, AK
  • 724th Maintenance Bn, Hunter AAF, GA
  • 205th Aviation Company (Medium), Finthen AAF, GE
  • 25th Aviation Bn, Schofield Barracks, HI
  • 9th Cavalry Brigade, Ft Lewis, WA
  • Retired September 1991


August 7, 1967– Battle of Ni Binh

August 7, 1967 was a monumental day for me.  I had been “in country” for less than 30 days and had not yet been into a “hot” LZ under enemy fire.  This day would change that and change it drastically. Posted here are stories of my day, as well as stories from others who participated in that […]


August 7, 1967 – After Action Report

Documentation provided by Wayne “Crash” Coe with help from Robert N. Gibeault Note from Robert N. Gibeault We are preparing to write the definitive story of the Ni Binh battle.  I have interviewed E-4’s to general officers and have photo’s taken during the event.  I am looking to interview any people that were involved that […]

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Black Virgin Mountain (Nui Ba Den)

The Black Virgin Mountain (Nui Ba Den) rose from the rice paddies just a few miles from Tay Ninh. Tay Ninh airfield elevation was about 200 feet above sea level and Nui Ba Den rose to around 4000 feet.  It was as if someone had just placed this mountain out in the middle of the […]

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January 1968 – FSB Burt and The Hourglass

1. FSB Burt was located astride Route 244, probably at about XT500805. Route 246 runs northwest through Bo Tuc and then Katum. 2. According to radio logs from the 187th AHC, The Hourglass was due north of FSB Burt at XT500890. It was about 4 Km south of the Cambodian border. It’s probably the clearing […]

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