June 23 2008

The Fishwife Seafood Resturant


spoonfork_4The Fishwife Seafood Resturant, 5328 North Lombard Street, Portland, Oregon 97203, 503-285-7150, http://www.thefishwife.com

We just chanced on this great little resturant while out looking for a place to eat.  We were camping on Sauvie Island and started into Portland to find a place to eat and discovered this place.  Not much for atomsphere, more like a diner, but the food is excellent, we went back on the following night also.  They claim their clam chowder is the best, so I sampled that on Firday night and they were right, its excellent. I actually had the Shrimp and Clam Chowder, chowder with fresh oregon bay shrimp on top. I had the special pasta on Thursday night and it was so good, my wife had it Friday night.

We got there about 8:00 PM both nights, Thursday it was relatively sparse, but Friday was still rather crowded.  Service suffered a little on Friday, but was still very good.

Their specials are for the week and they had about 5 specials with fish of the week, pasta, steak, etc.  They have an extensive regular menu focused on seafood, but included sandwiches, salads, chicken, and steak also.

While we didn’t try it all, we were very pleased with the selections we did order.  Prices are reasonable, dinner for two with wine and/or beer was $30.00, service is good, and while the atomsphere is a liitle funky, its entertaining and worth the stop. Rating: 3.7 out of 5.

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