August 18 2011

The Gardner House Café, Slayton, Oregon


Rating of 4 spoonsThis was a nice find.  While returning from our Bad Road Trip, we drove through Slayton looking for someplace to eat. We came upon this large old house with a B&B/Café on one of the back streets of Slayton.  It was 5 minutes to 3 and they closed at 3, but they invited us in and seated us.

The owners are the Loftis family.  She has won numerous awards from cooking contests and county fairs in the area and his father was an Astronaut (John P Loftis, Jr.).  They had a lot of Astronaut memorabilia on display and were very friendly.

But the good part is the food was great… Plenty of chooses, although we had the specials. They serve breakfast and lunch as well as high tea and deserts.  If your or around Slayton, its well worth the stop.

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