April 13 2014

Samuel Arthur Haile Military Service

Arthur served in the US Army during World War II.  He was a B-24 gunner assigned to the 22nd Bomb Group, 5th Air Force in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater.

This is an image of the medals my father-in-law, Arthur Haile would have been authorized to wear after he returned from WWII. He was authorized the Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon with one silver service bar and one bronze service star (indicating 2nd award). Air Medal with two bronze oak leaf clusters indicating 3 awards. AM was probably awarded for 5-10 missions in Pacific (was 5 in Europe), so he had between 15-30 missions. Battles and Campaigns listed as: China Offensive, New Guinea, Southern Philipines, Luzon, Western pacific, and Ryukyus. Departed the US on Sep 30, 1944, returned on Jan 3, 1946.

Samuel Arthur Haile, WWII


Some shots from the family collection




Chronology of the 22nd Bomb Group after Arthur would have arrived overseas

Sep 1944 – Began attacks against Japanese bases in the Philippines.

 7 Nov 1944 – Ground echelon departed by sea for Leyte, Philippine Islands.

 15 Nov 1944 – Ground echelon arrived at Leyte.

 26 Nov 1944 – Moved to Anguar.

 1945 -Struck airfields, installations, industries and shipping on Formosa and China and provided ground support to Australian forces on Borneo and American forces on Luzon.

 20 Jan 1945 – Moved to Samar, Philippine Islands.

 21 Jan 1945 – Col. Leonard T. Nicholson assumed command.

 12 Mar 1945 – Moved to Clark Field, Luzon.

 5 Aug 1945 – Men and officers, other than the rear echelon, embarked on LST #898 at Subic enroute for Okinawa.

 15 Aug 1945 – Main body debarked on Okinawa, moved to Motobu.

 25 Aug 1945 – Three Red Raider Liberators flew their first armed recon mission of several from Okinawa over Japan.

 15 Sep 1945 – Okinawa was swept by a typhoon.

 16 Sep 1945 – Crews and planes of the 22nd were transferred to the 380th BG. to await further orders for return to the United States. The group was redesignated as 22nd Bombardment Group (L).

 24 Sep 1945 – Col. Leonard T. Nicholson was relieved as commander and assigned to V Bomber Command; he was replaced by Lt. Col. James E. Sweeny.

 7 Oct 1945 – Lt. Col. Charles W. Johnson assumed command.

 17 Oct 1945 – Major John E. Pryor assumed command.

 Nov 1945 – Assigned to Far East Air Force and transferred without men or machines to Fort William McHenry. Luzon , Philippine Islands.

The unit transitioned into the B-24 just prior to Arthur’s arrival. Once the Group was in full operation again,  the B-24s were used against Japanese installations,  oil refineries,  and airfields in Borneo,  Ceram, Halmahera and,  in September,  began neutralizing enemy bases in the Philippines.   From the Schouten Islands the outstanding targets for the 22nd were the oil refineries at Balikpapan,  a nominal 17 1/2 hour,  2610 mile mission.   From December 1944 to August 1945,  The Red Raiders struck air fields and installations on Luzon,  supported Australian ground forces on Borneo,  bombed shipping,  airfields,  railroads and installations in China and Formosa.

In addition to his WWII service, he enlisted for the Army National Guard and served for many years. He received an appointment to Warrant Officer and was called to active duty during the Cuban Crisis.

Samuel A. Haile Service Record