Civil War Ancestors

There is no other legend quite like the Confederate fighting man. He reached the end of his haunted road long ago. He fought for a star-crossed cause and in the end he was beaten, but as he carried his slashed red battle flag into the dusky twilight of the Lost Cause he marched straight into a legend that will live as long as the American people care to remember anything about the American past.

–Bruce Canton

No symbol or reference in these pages to the old South or the War Between the States is meant to offend anyone. Nor is this site meant to be an examination for the causes and reasons for that war. Whatever motivated men from the South to fight was a product of their age and times. Most fought in defense of their families and homes because a Northern army had invaded what they considered to be their country. This is simply meant to be the historical record of those men. The uncommon bravery of men on both sides of that horrible conflict should not be forgotten, regardless of their motivation to fight.